Inside Texas Blog: The Luckies!

It's the second annual Luckies Awards! Editor Ross Lucksinger gives his post-season awards, from player and coach of the year to best name and the "Meltdown Award."

Tim Tebow
Player of the Year: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

It's not often that the Heisman Trophy is actually given to the country's best college football player. Last year's player of the year was Wisconsin's Joe Thomas, who was the most dominating player in the nation by a wide margin, but apparently offensive linemen aren't allowed to win the Heisman.

This year, the Heisman voters got it right, ignoring Tebow's sophomore status, which has previously kept others from winning the award.

True, in college football statistics are not the true measure of a player's ability because there is such a wide variety of offenses, competition and situations. But what Tebow accomplished cannot be ignored. He broke the SEC rushing touchdowns record with 23. And that's not just touchdowns for quarterbacks, that's touchdowns for anybody in historically the conference for running backs. Oh, by the way he also completed 66.9 percent of his passes, threw for 3286 yards and tossed 32 TDs, compared to only six picks.

No player in the history of the NCAA had ever thrown for 20 and rushed for 20 touchdowns...and Tebow went for 30 and 20.

Coach of the Year: Mark Mangino, Kansas

Kansas. 12-1. Kansas...Kansas. I can't really say much else. I mean, I could talk about the Jayhawks having the nation's best turnover margin, No. 2 scoring offense and the No. 4 scoring defense. I could talk about the Orange Bowl upset of Virginia Tech and the programs first BCS bowl victory...but seriously. Let me repeat myself. Kansas went 12-1.

Strongest Conference: SEC

Painful ain't it? You've got to deal with "SEC-guy" in your office trumpeting the superiority of the conference containing whatever team or teams he's bandwagoned onto.

Well, guess what? At least in part, he's right. There are great players everywhere, there's just more of them in the SEC and this was best highlighted in the national championship game. Ohio State running back Chris Wells was the Ted Ginn, Jr. of 2007. Yes, OSU has a player with real power, speed or both, but LSU was full of them.

Now, the SEC is not the end-all-be-all of college football and it is, in fact, the most overrated conference in the country, but take away the hype and the SEC is still bigger, stronger and faster on the whole.

Better luck next year...
Weakest Conference: Notre Dame

Notre Dame, which is apparently its own conference since it can negotiate its own deals and receive non-nonsensical special treatment, was clearly the worst conference in football. All one of the Notre Dame teams combined for a 3-9 record and ranked in the hundreds...that's right, hundreds in every major offensive category.

The Irish were barely beaten out by LSU for a spot in the national championship game. Word has it Notre Dame is filing a complaint, arguing this violates their contract with the BCS.

Biggest Upset: Appalachian State over Michigan, 34-32

No I-AA team (or FCS, as its now referred to as, which, if I may make a quick aside, is an amusing name because breaking D-I into "Football Bowl Subdivision" and "Football Championship Subdivision" is almost an admission of the illegitimacy of the BCS system. The lower division is the one that actually has a championship) had ever beaten a Top 25 I-A team, much less beaten a top five team on the road. It happened in week one and it's only appropriate that this bizarre season was kicked off by the sport's greatest upset.

An argument can be made for Stanford's shocker over No. 2 USC, given that the Cardinal was a 41-point underdog. While it was the biggest upset by point-margin, that's only because Vegas wouldn't even touch the Michigan-App State game.

The Mike Gundy Meltdown Award: Mike Gundy, Head Coach, Oklahoma State

This award will be given each year and henceforth be named for Mr. Hair Gel and Fury himself. He'd like you to know that he's a man and you're garbage.

I'll say this for Gundy, though, that was a pretty terrible article. It didn't justify a public display the magnitude of the one he performed, but trying to string together a weak premise on player performance by citing an obscure occurrence involving the manner in which a quarterback ate a piece of chicken is pretty dumb.

On a related note, I once saw Frank Okam spit water from his nose because he was laughing so hard (note: true). I posit that he's a poor prospect for the NFL because of it.

No relation
Best name: Willy Korn, QB, Clemson

We're going to have to retire this award for at least four years because I'll end up selecting the freshman quarterback from Clemson each time. Seriously, his name is Willy Korn. You can't beat that.

The You Are Not Boise State Award: The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

Boise State's upset of Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl at the conclusion of the 2006 season was hailed as one of the great upsets in bowl history, but the truth is that Boise State was a darn good football team. The problem was, we just couldn't know it because the Broncos hadn't played anybody. They had, however, obliterated every single opponent in front of them.

This was not the case with Hawaii. The Rainbow Warriors struggled to put together an undefeated season and it was very apparent that if they played a much tougher schedule, they wouldn't have made it through unscathed. With the 2006 Boise State Broncos, I'm not so sure.

Occasionally, a non-BCS conference team strong enough to run with the big dogs comes through. This was not one of those years. Then again, if Appalachian State can knock off Michigan...who even knows.

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