Applewhite Press Conference Notes and Quotes

Notes and quotes from Thursday's Major Applewhite press conference.

*Not surprisingly, the subject of the Major Applewhite-Chris Simms quarterback controversy was addressed at the news conference. Applewhite was asked if Brown had apologized for not starting him during his senior year: "It's like coach Brown said, you have to make tough decisions every day. We had to make a tough decision this year about a left guard that we had. Nobody heard about that. There are a lot of things you have to learn about being a coach. That's just part of it. You learn a lot in this business as a coach. It just so happens that I was the quarterback at the University of Texas. That's a blip on the radar. It really is."

*When asked why he was considered such a folk hero in Austin, Applewhite said: "I played here and we played well."

*Applewhite had nothing but praise for new Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, his former SEC rival at Auburn: "I'm glad to be on the same team as Will. Playing those guys down there in Auburn was not easy."

*Applewhite said he would withhold judgment on his returning running backs, stating that evaluation of the position has not started yet.

*Applewhite was in the middle of considering a move from Syracuse to Rice when the Longhorns were in California to face USC for the national championship at the end of the 2005 season. Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis said he talked to Applewhite about that move for "about an hour" the night before the title game. (See our feature on Applewhite from last summer, Applewhite: A Hot Commodity on a Hot Seat, for more on this.)

*Applewhite is clearly proud of his accomplishment at Rice, where he was offensive coordinator in 2006. "We had only 12 years of college coaching experience in our offensive room at Rice, and we went to a bowl game for the first time in 45 years. That's something special."

*Applewhite had an interesting response to a question that asked him to compare a pair of apparently opposite coaching styles in Brown and Saban: "That's a heck of an assumption (that Brown is a ‘player's coach' and Saban is not), because I think coach Saban is a ‘player's coach' too. We want to polarize people and say ‘he's this' or ‘he's that' and in reality we're all the same."

*Both Brown and Applewhite were open about the latter's desire to ultimately be a head coach: "Obviously I want to be a head coach."

*Davis had a funny line when asked how he would handle the difference between Applewhite as his player and Applewhite as a colleague, considering his relative youth. Davis was reminded by a reporter that Applewhite still "looks 15." Davis' response: "Yes, he does. He won't after awhile."

*Davis was also asked if Applewhite, decidedly not a runner, will "show any moves" to his running backs. Davis said, "Sometimes…um…no probably not."

*Applewhite said he's looking forward to sharing with his players the excitement of playing – and winning – at Texas: "I see myself as someone who wants to see a kid have success. I know how much fun it is to win here, and I know the expectations here and the challenges here. And I want every one of the players that I have a chance to coach to have the same feeling. I want them to have the same memories. I want them to walk away from Austin and say, ‘What a great place to get a degree, what a great place to play football and win championships.' That's the bottom line."

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