Russell Shepard Leaves Austin with Offer

Many Longhorn fans wanted to know whether or not Garrett Gilbert's commitment would hurt Texas' chances of landing Russell Shepard. The Cy Ridge quarterback is back from his junior day visit with a brand new scholarship offer but has yet to make a decision.

"It went real well," Russell Shepard said when asked about the junior day visit. "They offered me yesterday. I didn't commit."

It's obvious that the Texas Longhorns would like nothing more than to add Shepard to their growing list of 2009 commitments. Shepard only wants one thing, a chance to play quarterback.

"I told him (Mack Brown) yesterday, ‘Coach, I would not commit to any university if they would not give me a chance to play quarterback. I'm not telling you, Coach, that the only position I want to play is quarterback.' All I want is a chance. If I get beat out or if I feel like this isn't the position for me early, I would be happy to be an All-American receiver or a DB."

"I told coach that all I wanted was a shot. He said, ‘Okay Russell, I respect that.'"

From all indications, Shepard would be given a shot to compete for the quarterback position if he committed to Texas down the road. From the attention that Shepard received this weekend, it's pretty obvious just how bad they want him to don Burnt Orange on the next level.

"They want me to play quarterback. To be honest with you, they just want me to come to the school. They want me so bad. I got Coach Brown's number, his wife's number and Coach Davis' number. They want me seriously bad. He kept telling me, ‘Russell, I want you bad.'"

"I had two private meetings with Coach Brown, one private meeting with Coach Davis, the quarterbacks coach, and three with Coach Giles in a two day span. They want me so bad. It's an honor for somebody to want you so bad, but I've still got to look out for myself. I just want a shot, and they are definitely going to give me an answer by the end of the spring," Shepard added.

Shepard talked about some of the things that went on during his junior day visit, including meeting Garrett Gilbert for the first time.

"Yeah, we had a good time," Shepard said. "I finally got to meet Garrett. We finally got to meet. We know so much about each other, but we had never met face-to-face. He was a good dude as well as his parents. Chris Whaley committed. Greg Timmons committed. Marcus Davis and two offensive linemen committed. They've started off with a bang with this class."

"We got to walk around and had people show us around. It was a whole day thing," Shepard said. "I got there at nine and I didn't leave that school campus until five o'clock."

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