Brown: Nebraska Nation's Best Unranked Team

To listen to <B>Mack Brown</b> gush about Nebraska's come-from-behind win against the fading Texas A&M Aggies is to believe the ‘Huskers are suddenly suiting up <B>Turner Gill, Lawrence Phillips, Eric Crouch, Ahman Green, Mike Minter</b>, <B>Dominic Raiola, Irving Fryar </b>and both the Wistrom brothers.

"Nebraska is playing like the Nebraska of old," Mack Brown said Tuesday. "If you go back and study the Texas A&M game, I thought Texas A&M played well but Nebraska just lined up, and they were old-timey Nebraska. They ran the isolation, and the sweep, and were still throwing the ball well. They'll come into our game with great confidence. We're catching them at their peak."

That's fine. Brown's players need to hear that…again and again.

"Nebraska is the best team that's not rated in America, and probably ever," Brown said. "They're as good as anybody we've played this year. We know we can play with anybody in the country, and we understand that Nebraska is as good as anybody in the country."

And Brown may be entirely correct. But if Nebraska is as good as Iowa State and Oklahoma State, how come the ‘Huskers lost? And what makes them so damn different now?

First of all, those were road losses. And Nebraska is 73-1 at home since 1991.

Even so, the ‘Huskers snapped a five-game road-losing streak when it overcame the 17-point deficit at A&M last Saturday, winning 38-31. In the late third and throughout the fourth quarter, the ‘Huskers dominated the line of scrimmage and basically outran the Farmers.

"It's just because they've had some turnovers early and they've gotten those straightened out," Brown said.

Both the ‘Huskers and the Aggies had two give-aways Saturday. But entering the Texas game, Nebraska is No. 80 out of 117 NCAA D-I teams in the turnover department (having lost 17 and gaining 13 in nine games).

"I think it's hurt them some that RB Thunder Collins has been in and out so they've got more consistency now with Dahrran (Diedrick) and David Horne in the backfield" Brown said. "They've got two guys that they know are really, really good that they can go with. Also, (QB) Jammal Lord hasn't played a lot in big games, and then you put him on the road at Iowa State, and at Penn State, you put him on the road in a tough situation at Oklahoma State, I thought he responded really well. But last Saturday, he was a great quarterback against A&M. Any time you've had a quarterback like Eric Crouch, and it seems like he was there for eight years, it takes a guy a little bit of the time to get into the system. It takes their coaches a little time to understand what he does best. I thought they put all that together Saturday night against A&M."

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