19 Offers With More Sure to Come

The recruiting game can become overwhelming at times but Desert Vista defensive end Devon Kennard is just taking it all in. He is now up to 19 offers and he talks with Scout.com about six of his most recent.

Few players in the country are being more heavily recruited then Phoenix (AZ) Desert Vista defensive end Devon Kennard.

Kennard emerged onto the scene as a sophomore, registering 8 sacks and followed that up with an even more impressive 24.5 sacks as a junior.

It is no wonder that Kennard's offer sheet is like a who's who of college football's best. In total, 19 schools have sent written offers. Those schools are Arizona State, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Stanford, USC, San Diego State, Oregon State, North Carolina, LSU, Florida, Notre Dame, Cal, UCLA, Miami, Washington, Texas and Oklahoma.

Many may find all of this attention to be overwhelming but Kennard states, "It doesn't get to me at all. I carry myself just like everyone else. I will know where I want to be when the time is right."

And the time definitely is not now. According to Devon he has no leader, "You can just put any schools up on my profile and let the people speculate," he jokes.

Although he has no leader in mind, the school he chooses must have the following characteristics:

1. "It must be a good school overall. Education is important."
2. "I want a coaching staff that will bring out the best in me. Challenge me to be the best I can be."
3. "I want to go to a school with a legacy and great atmosphere."
4. "I want to go where I can be comfortable for four years."

Devon claims that location will not play a factor in his choice. "I would love to stay on the west coast but I am not afraid to go where the best opportunity is. I mean how do you turn down Miami and LSU? I will just do what is best for me."

Cal, UCLA, Miami, Washington, Texas and Oklahoma are the most recent to offer and Kennard (6-3 230) gives Scout.com some brief thoughts on each.

On Texas

"It is really good football. It is definitely a place I want to look more into. The atmosphere and the area is nice and it is a place I would consider taking a visit to."


"I am interested in checking them out and learning more about them."


"That offer came out of nowhere. That is big time football. It would be an awesome experience. I want to talk to the coaches more but they have a lot of upside."


"It is an awesome school. It is a good school and they are good in football. Plus I could play with some other Arizonians like Cameron Jordan."


"They have new coaches and I want to see what happens there."


"The first thing I think of when I think about Miami is speed. They are just pure athletes competing. The coaches seem like good guys and they can get the best out of you."

Kennard reiterates that he has no favorites at this point and says he has no plans of committing any time soon. He adds that he will take all five visits before he decides.

So in the meantime, Kennard is working hard to be the best. He stopped playing basketball at Desert Vista and has taken up track. "I am running the 100 meters but I may not even compete. I am just training to work on my speed." His goal is to get his forty time down in the low 4.6's. "It would be awesome to get my forty down to that by my senior year and heading into college. I think it is something I have the ability to do."

He is also working hard in the weight room. He has increased his bench to 330 pounds, squats over 400 and power cleaned 295 recently.

Every week, Kennard will have a target on his back as teams will attempt to keep him off their quarterback. Can he top the 24.5 that he had last year? "It will be hard," he says. "But I am not concentrating on it. I just want to improve my game and want to do what I got to do to get my team back to the state championship again."

Does Kennard live up to the hype? See for yourself in these highlights from his junior year brought to you by Scout.com.

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