Brown Talks BCS; Texas Up To No. 4

The Bowl Championship Series ratings are meaningless other than for the top two teams and "puts more pressure on kids than ever before," head coach Mack Brown said Monday.

Even so, Texas continued its remarkable ascent in the latest BCS rankings released Monday evening. Oklahoma held on to the No. 1 spot while Ohio State edged Miami for the runner-up position. The Hurricanes fell to No. 3 after a shaky, fourth-quarter win over hapless Rutgers. The Buckeyes edged Miami, in part, because their pre-conference win over BCS No. 5 Washington State is now looking more impressive.

"We say margin of victory does not matter (as a BCS factor) but it does," Mack Brown said. "It matters on the impression of the voters."

No. 15 Kansas State is the third Big 12 team in the standings. Colorado dropped out of the BCS following its loss to Oklahoma.

More than its ranking, Brown praised his team for its resilience in getting back into the title hunt.

"For whatever reason our kids have been labeled ‘soft' since we've been here," Brown said. "Maybe it's Texas. They have not been soft. They have worked hard and have kept their mouths shut. They have fought through tough games."

Consecutive wins over Kansas State, Iowa State and Nebraska improved Texas' "strength of schedule" from 30th to 9th in just three weeks.

"Because they've fought with so much pride to get back into it, I don't want them to relax now and take a deep breath," said Brown, who denied his players request to take a day off following the late-night plane ride back from Nebraska. "People who go bankrupt usually have it after their best year in business."

The BCS formula (which takes into account rankings in both the Associated Press and Coaches Polls, strength of schedule, quality wins, plus composite rankings from seven computer calculations in which the lowest score is discarded) is used to determine the top two teams that will compete for the national title at the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, Arizona, January 4th. The final BCS rankings also narrows the field for the two at-large berths available in the remaining BCS Bowls (Sugar, Orange, and Rose, although this year the Rose will host its traditional matchup between the Big 10 and Pac-10 if neither league champ is in the title game).

"I think what we've done is that we've got a partial playoff," Brown said. "And if you're doing what we're doing, we ought to have it. If we say that the BCS matters, we ought to slot the top eight teams (for a playoff). Why say it matters when it only matters to two (teams)? Let's put the best eight teams there and match them up. And that should be eight great games."

The final BCS rankings are released Dec. 8. Champions of the six major conferences (Big 12, Big 10, SEC, ACC, Big East, Pac-10) automatically qualify for a BCS Bowl. There are two at-large teams for BCS Bowl games.

Here is a list of the remaining games for teams ranked ahead of Texas in this week's BCS poll (BCS point total in parens):

1. Oklahoma (2.04): at Texas A&M, at Baylor, Texas Tech, at Oklahoma State
2. Ohio State (5.57): at Purdue, at Illinois, Michigan
3. Miami (6.01): at Tennessee, Pitt, at Syracuse, Virginia Tech
4. TEXAS (10.03): Baylor, at Texas Tech, Texas A&M

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