QB Transfers? What QB Transfers?

Will Saturday's Orange-White scrimmage, the culmination of Longhorn spring drills, be the final appearance in a Texas uniform for backup QBs Sherrod Harris and G. J. Kinne? Coach Mack Brown addressed widespread speculation that he may be down to two signal-callers.

Several Longhorn-related Internet sources, as well as at least one Austin radio station, reported Tuesday that both Sherrod Harris and G.J. Kinne would seek transfers following Saturday's scrimmage. Inside Texas reported on its Members Only boards that Harris has already talked openly about a transfer, while we had an unconfirmed report of Kinne seeking a transfer to Louisiana Tech. The buzz was that both young QBs had become dissatisfied with lack of playing time during spring training.

"Neither one has said anything about (a transfer) or discussed it," Brown said Wednesday. "In fact, they took all the snaps in the scrimmage today and did really well. If anybody wants to transfer and they have not come to us (coaches), we'll be the first to help them. We'll get them a release for them to go anywhere they want to go. We've never asked a player to stay. We've always given them a release to play against us. We want happy players."

Kinne redshirted in 2007 while Harris was slowed by a torn MCL in August camp. Harris saw limited action against Rice and Iowa State following a redshirt season in 2006. He has yet to attempt a collegiate pass.

There was never any question that this is junior Colt McCoy's team with 26 starts under his belt. And there can be little doubt that explosive sophomore John Chiles is McCoy's primary understudy who has been primed this spring to have a greater role in the offense this fall. Yet, something had to give when Brown commented at the start of spring football that "four quarterbacks are too many."

Brown commented that it was "only fair" that Harris get a shot at QB during the spring, though a source close to the situation told Inside Texas several weeks ago that Harris was the most likely of the four QBs who would be asked to consider another position.

For now, Brown dismisses the rhetoric as the inevitable grist of the rumor mill that surrounds the position.

"There's been rumors for 100 years about players transferring," Brown said, "and it's always the third- or fourth-team quarterback. That's 100 percent in all my years of coaching....I don't read the Internet, so y'all (media) have to bring me the rumors so I can go ask them (players)."

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