Chris Williams: An Offer on the Way?

Texas has a pair of linebacker commits for the Class of 2009, but the Horns are taking a long look at Abilene LB Chris Williams. Texas coaches plan to visit Williams' practice soon and his chances are "looking good."

Chris Williams, the 6-foot-1, 225-pound three-star middle linebacker from Abilene, Tex., has 13 scholarship offers, but he's waiting on more. "Out of the schools that have offered me, LSU is my favorite," Williams said. "But I also really like USC, except they haven't offered yet."

Williams,'s No. 16 middle linebacker, says he also has offers from Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Missouri, Texas A&M, TCU, Arizona and several others. None, except for the Red Raiders, are in his top six. He says he favors LSU slightly over USC, Texas, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Texas Tech.

Growing up, Williams followed the in-state favorite Longhorns.

"I used to play running back and I wanted to be like Cedric Benson and Ricky Williams," he said.

Williams says he's been impressed by Texas' defense as well. "They have a real good defense too and I love how well they've been doing. I also like that the coach isn't going anywhere," Williams stated. "It's been crazy in college football with so many coaches getting fired and leaving, but coach Mack Brown won the national championship and the team is still getting better, so he isn't going anywhere."

Williams says that the Texas coaches plan on visiting his practice next month and he hopes to get an offer soon. "Coach Mike Tolleson (Longhorns defensive tackle coach) told me they were gonna come to my practices on May 14 and 15," he said. "He says they really like me and I think things are looking good with them."

But even if the Longhorns do offer, they'll be in a battle with LSU for Williams' services. "LSU is known for having great defense," he said. "It's in the SEC and the players are really tough there. I like that they play young guys and start the best players there. It would be fun to go there and work hard and try to get on the field right away. I think I could do it."

Of course, Texas and LSU are not the only two schools Williams is considering.

"I've never been to California, but I love the way they (USC) play," he said. "They are always a contender and they've got a top defense every year. I think I'd fit in perfect there."

While the Trojans are recruiting the youngster, they haven't discussed offering according to Williams. "They send me lots of mail and we sent them some film, but that's about it."

Such is also the case with Ohio State and Notre Dame. "I like winning and Ohio State is always a contender," he said. "I like what they've done in the past and it seems like they never have an off-season. They never really need to rebuild or anything.

"I know Notre Dame had an off-season last year, but they've got a great young team coming back," he said. "Plus, they've been recruiting really hard. I think they'll be better next year, but really good in a year or two."

The first offer that Williams got was from Texas Tech and he says the Red Raiders are still recruiting him the hardest. "They are only about two and half hours away," he said. "But that doesn't matter. I'll go anywhere.

"I like that Texas Tech is serious about improving their defense," he said. "Once they can get the defense going they'll be set. The offense is unstoppable."

Williams says he hasn't been able to make any junior days, spring games or scrimmages and said he'll likely be unable to attend any camps this summer. "It's just me and my mom and we can't really afford to be traveling to too many places," he said. "I'd probably have to stay local, but all the schools close to me have already offered."

To make up for it, Williams says he plans on taking all of his official visits during the fall and winter. "I'm gonna take all five of my trips," he said. "I want to go out and visit as many schools as I can. I'll wait it out and go through the whole process. I could see myself going until January even before deciding."

Williams says that the team's defenses and success rates are key factors. "I want a program that is heading in the right direction and where I'll fit in and be able to play," he said.

Williams finished his junior season with 90 tackles, 32 tackles for loss, 13 sacks, three fumbles caused and two recovered, helping lead his team to a 13-2 record and a berth in the state semifinals. As impressive as those stats are, Williams reveals they're nothing compared to his sophomore season. "I had like 130 tackles and over 60 solos during my sophomore year," he said. He also added four fumbles caused, three recovered and one interception as a sophomore.

"I'm a quick, downhill player," Williams said. "I have an instinct you can't teach. It's just natural for me and I play from sideline-to-sideline. I play with a lot of determination and just always want to be the best player on the field."

Work ethic is something that Williams takes very seriously. "I've always had someone older than me pushing me to be better," he said. "Next year I'm gonna be the older guy and I'm gonna have to push myself to get to that next level. When I'm working out I'm always thinking there's somebody out there who is working just as hard, which makes me go even harder."

Williams says he works out everyday. "I hit it hard," he stated. "I always end my workout with curls and abs. My motto is first one in, last one out."

His time in the gym has payed off as he says he can bench 345 pounds and squats 550. He's also pretty athletic and has a 29 inch vertical jump while claiming to run a 4.5 forty.

Williams reports a 3.3 core GPA and a 1200 SAT (three parts), which he is retaking in May.

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