Tristen Ross: High On UT; But Which One?

As we approach the beginning of the high school playoff run, a large portion of the nation's best remain undecided. As several are waiting to take all five of their respective official visits, many have been able to work a few in. And there are those that have made their visits, yet still are unable to seal the deal. <B>Tristen Ross</b>, a 4-star wide receiver from Shreveport, LA. fits the latter.

Ross has a top three of Tennessee, Oklahoma and Texas. With a trip to Knoxville this past weekend, Louisiana's second-best wideout has now seen each school up close and personal. Still, Ross continues to ponder as he considers the advantages and disadvantages his three choices present. However, the interview seemingly takes a Volunteer kind of tone. You be the judge as I am not in the business of reading minds.

IT: Need to get an update on your vitals.

TR: HT — 6'1"

WT — 193

40 — 4.5

20-yd. Shuttle — 4.18

Vertical — 37"

Bench — 235

Squat — 465

Power Clean — 295

Receptions — 39

Yards — 450

TD — 7

IT: Let's talk a little a bit about Oklahoma. At one time you decided to commit and later decided to open things back up.

TR: Yes sir, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't selling myself short.

IT: That's certainly understandable, but who has the responsibility of luring you back to Oklahoma?

TR: That would be Coach Wyatt (OU wide receivers coach).

IT: What do you think about Coach Wyatt and Bob Stoops?

TR: Well, Coach Wyatt seems like a good guy and seems like he knows what he is talking about. Overall, seems like a good person. Coach Stoops seems like he knows what he's doing.

IT: Were you able to catch one of the OU games on your visit and if so, what did you think?

TR: Well, I went down the weekend of their game against Iowa State and I was kind of impressed with their defense in that game. They do a great job.

IT: What was your impression of Texas and what coach is recruiting you?

TR: Coach Drake (wide receivers) is recruiting me. I liked it and had a good time. I liked the coaches and the players and I hung out a little with Lendale White. He came down the same time I did. We just had a good time.

IT: What game did you catch and give me your thoughts?

TR: I saw the Texas-U of H game. That was the game where Roy Williams got hurt and the other receivers stepped up. And they were running a lot of 5-wide receiver sets and I kind of liked that a little bit. Cedric Benson was also getting involved in that game. So, overall, it was pretty good game.

IT: How was the visit to Tennessee?

TR: I liked it a whole lot, enjoyed all the coaches and players. I had a good time and one of my friends is up there, named Jonathan Wade — we went to school together. I was happy to hang out with him again. And I just enjoyed the atmosphere, the game, the environment…I enjoyed it a whole lot.

IT: Who's recruiting you and what did you think about him.

TR: Pat Washington (Tenn. wide receiver coach) is the coach recruiting me. I liked him a whole lot. I got a chance to talk with him and he was saying I could come in and possibly play as a freshman and that's what I'm looking for. I'm looking to go somewhere where I can play and play early.

IT: When do you see yourself committing?

TR: I'm going to sit down here the next couple of weeks and just start thinking. As of right now, I just don't know. It's going to be whenever I feel it. Once I feel it I'm going to go ahead and commit.

Stacey Dean covered recruiting in the state of Texas for Horns Illustrated before joining Inside Texas. His prospect updates will appear frequently on

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