Chris Williams: 'I'm Moving On'

The Associated Press defensive player of the year in Texas last season has his eyes set on a university, but its not in the Lonestar State. Williams was interested in Texas, but now he's decided he's "moving on."

Abilene linebacker Chris Williams used to be strongly interested in the Longhorns and mentioned recently that Texas coaches were going to come by practice this week.

However, Williams said it's become apparent that he's not going to get an offer and is now looking elsewhere.

"Texas was on me a lot in the beginning," he said. "But they never offered, so I am moving on with it."

So, which school has now taken the top spot?

"LSU is definitely on top right now," Chris Williams said. "I have a lot of offers, but I have been talking with the coaches a lot and LSU is number one. Right now, that is the defense I see myself playing in."

Williams finished his junior season (13-2) with 90 tackles, 32 tackles for loss, 13 sacks, three fumbles caused and two recovered. He is a ferocious hitter and also plays good out in space in pass coverage.

With the Tigers already the beneficiaries of two early commits at linebacker, Kevin Minter and Willie Ferrell, Williams said that he knows what the coaches are looking for and can picture himself being the third linebacker taken in the class.

"(LSU) is getting a lot of names," Williams said. "I am pretty sure they are going to hang in there with me though. I don't feel like I need to rush myself with (LSU), and nobody is pressuring me. It feels good to just take a laid-back approach."

What does LSU offer the 3-star prospect that would entice him to play for the Tigers on Saturdays?

"LSU is about winning, plain and simple," Williams said. "If they weren't, they wouldn't be winning national championships like this. I am looking to always take my game to the next level, and LSU is a place that can definitely help me do that."

With an offer on the table from LSU, Williams said that he is ready to get to Baton Rouge and learn more about what the Tigers have to offer.

"I am going to be getting down there as soon as I can this summer," he said. "I am taking Spanish II in summer school, so I just have to work around that."

Abilene High, knocked out of the state semifinals last season, is hoping to bring home the hardware in the 2008 season if Williams has anything to say about it.

"We just started spring training," Williams said. "Everyone is steady working out. We had the best defense in the state last season, and we beat ourselves in the end. None of us want that to happen again."

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