Will Earl Hines Camp at Texas?

Port Arthur Memorial's Earl Hines put together one of the most impressive sophomore seasons in the Lone Star State last year and Division I programs took notice. He is already receiving plenty of mail and camp invitations from schools across the country. IT caught up with Hines to find out where he is heading this summer and to talk favorites.

Earl Hines did it all during his sophomore campaign. He started at linebacker for Memorial High School in Port Arthur, racking up 128 tackles to go along with 11 sacks on his way to earning First Team All-District honors.

The mail has been pouring in from all over the country as of late. Hines said he had received mail from Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Florida, LSU, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Virginia, Kansas State, Tulsa, Houston, Arizona, Baylor, Kansas and Rice.

What about UT?

Hines said that he had spoken with Major Applewhite in the past and had received his card, but the Longhorns don't appear to be quite as interested as some of the other programs. When asked about his favorites, Hines said, "OU, LSU and the Florida Gators."

Hines talked about what makes these three programs so intriguing.

Oklahoma: "I always did like them since middle school. They have always had a great football program, and Coach Stoops seems like a pretty good coach. I like the way he has been handling things at OU."

LSU: "They have a good program, and their defense is always good. As a linebacker, you want to go to a place that has a good defense because it gives you a better chance to make it to the next level."

Florida: "With Florida, it's the same thing. I have always loved their team as a little kid. They always produce good football players."

Hines said that he would likely camp at Oklahoma State and LSU during the summer. From his list of favorites and camp choices, it appears that leaving the state of Texas will not be an issue. Hines talked about what would be most important when recruiting rolls around.

"The most important thing will be going to a good academic school," Hines said. "I don't really care how far away it is."

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