Coach's Perspective on Billy Pittman

In a one-on-one interview, Texas wide receivers coach Bobby Kennedy explains why Chargers rookie and former Longhorn receiver Billy Pittman is a great fit for Norv Turner's offense and recalls the moment he looked at Pittman and realized "this guy is for real."

Scott Domitrowits: Will playing for a top program like Texas help Billy Pittman's transition to the NFL?

Bobby Kennedy: I would hope so. I always told guys about our wideouts at Texas like Billy Pittman, Limas Sweed and Nate Jones and how they had the great benefit of going up against Aaron Ross, Michael Griffin and other guys in the NFL right now in practice every day. He (Pittman) won't be shocked by the NFL and I think that will help. I know places where guys do not go up against top talent and it could be harder for them, but it will benefit him in the long run.

SD: What are Pittman's strengths as a football player?

BK: He is really smart. He knows how to work the seams and read the route, and has great instinct. He doesn't lack confidence and has a good feel for the game. He has better speed than you think. He is a really complete player when he puts it all together. One amazing thing about Billy is there can be weeks in practice where he doesn't drop a pass or have a busted assignment. He is really a solid player.

SD: What are some things Pittman is going to have work on and improve to make the Chargers' roster?

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BK: I would definitely say press coverage. The guys at the NFL level are so good and they can be more challenging because they work on their craft and want to make their money. He will need to work on releases versus the press, his ability to hold space, and his ability to be a physical wide receiver and not be shoved around by physical defensive backs.

SD: Is there a particular play or game that sticks out in your mind that sums up Pittman's talents as a football player?

BK: In the 2005 game against Oklahoma there were two plays in that game that really stuck out. The first one was a wheel route before halftime where the pass was a hair long and he showed another gear to both catch it and get away from the DB. The second play was on a chop route where he had beaten his guy and then the guy pinned Billy's left arm. Billy still caught the ball with one hand and scored a touchdown. That's when I said, "this guy is for real.

SD: What pro or college wide receiver has a similar playing style to Pittman?

BK: I would say Bobby Engram. I used to be at Penn State when Bobby was there and Billy has a very similar personality to him. He (Engram) has been an excellent pro for a long time.

SD: What is Pittman's personality like in the locker room?

BK: He is a really fun-loving guy. I came here his redshirt freshman year. He was shy and standoff-ish, but when you get to know him he gives this burst of laughter and energy. When you get to know him he is such a nice kid, from a small town and a nice family. He likes to joke around and loves to enjoy life, but he knows when it is time to work.

SD: Do you think Pittman has what it takes to make the Chargers' roster?

BK: I definitely think he will make an NFL roster, and I hope it's with the Chargers. Norv (Turner) and the way he runs things really fit Billy well. Yeah, I do think he is going to make it, because he is resilient and tough. He is a gamer and makes big plays in big games.

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