Today's Texas Hot News

It's goal readjustment time on the Forty Acres, partly due to the fact that the Horns simply can not consistently run the football, which we examine in our weekly technical analysis column, the inaugural edition of The Inside Texas Inside Scoop on recruiting, updates on two out-of-state studs, and several Longhorns in the NFL updates.

Inside Texas Football headlines:

What Dreams May Come: UT's Post-Tech Aspirations

Why The Horns Aren't The Running Horns

Inside Texas Football Recruiting headlines:

Recruiting: The Inside Texas Inside Scoop

Football Recruiting Hot News:

Chris Leak: QB Talks About Latest Visit

Lendale White; RB gives recap of USC visit

Longhorns in the NFL:

Quentin Jammer: Rookie starting to make impact

Leonard Davis: Back to tackle again

Ricky Williams: Weather better, so snaps will increase

Priest Holmes: TD streak continues

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