Current Commit Update: Erick Jackson

<b>Erick Jackson</b>, a top-five safety from the state of Texas, took some time out to catch <I>IT</i> up on the recruiting process. The nation's 23rd-ranked safety, who committed to the Horns a week after making the June 9th camp in Austin, said <B>Carl Reese</b> and the defensive staff will play him at corner.

During our conversation, Erick Jackson's other line had beeped, and when he clicked back over, he said Duane Akina was on the other line. Akina, not wanting to interrupt the young lad's interview, told Jackson to go ahead and finish up with IT and to give us everything. Thanks Coach.

IT: Need to get an update on your vitals.

EJ: HT -- 6'2"

WT -- 175

40 -- 4.37

Vert -- 33"

Bench -- 235

Squat -- 305

Power Clean -- 215

100-meter -- 10.6

200-meter -- 21.6

Tackles -- 62

INT -- 4

FF -- 1

INT/TD Returns -- 1

IT: Other than playing free safety, do you play anywhere else?

EJ: That's about it. I play on kickoffs and I'm on the "pooch" punt team.

IT: What are your assignments on the two different units?

EJ: On kickoffs, I'm the last line of defense. Basically, I'm the safety, you know, the last man standing. On the "pooch" team, I'm the guy responsible for downing the ball. We try to down it on the one if everything works out right.

IT: When you camped at Texas earlier this year, what was it about Texas that made you want to commit?

EJ: Man, the campus. Plus, I've been down there a lot of times during track events and stuff like that and got a chance to meet the coaches and they were always really nice to me. Man, they got nice facilities too. I like the weight room the best and I thought the film room was pretty cool.

IT: Who spent the most time evaluating you at the Texas camp?

EJ: Mostly, Coach Akina, but Mack Brown, Coach Chambers and Mad Dog Madden were also checking me out.

IT: Who else looked good at the camp?

EJ: Tommy Deveraux (Jackson's teammate).

IT: Yeah, he said the same thing about you, anybody else?

EJ: Nope. Well, there was a QB and another cornerback, but I can't remember their names. If I saw their faces, I'd remember them.

IT: Fair enough. Explain to me what was going through your head when there was some talk about you wavering a little on the verbal pledge to Texas.

EJ: I was kind of worried about the number of DBs Texas had and stuff like that. You get a lot of rumors going around and I guess I just got a little worried. But I've been strong in my commitment to Texas for a long time, now. My mindset is all about going to Texas and handling my business.

IT: I imagine a lot of that had to do with other programs writing you and trying to get you to break your commitment with the Horns. Which schools were pursuing you the most at that point in time?

EJ: Yeah, I think that had a little to do with it. There were a lot of schools that stayed interested, but I would have to say that A&M, Arkansas, Florida and Colorado were staying after me the most.

IT: Of the schools that are contacting you now, who is recruiting you the hardest? And who is doing the recruiting for those schools?

EJ: Arkansas coach Allen (DB coach), A&M's offensive coordinator (Kevin Sumlin) and K-State's really come on. Coach Snyder is the one that calls from there.

IT: What coach from Texas has kept in touch with you the most?

EJ: Coach Akina

IT: What's your impression of him?

EJ: Man, he's up front and he knows what he's talking about. And you can tell that he likes the game a lot.

IT: Have you had an opportunity to speak with Coach Brown and if so, what do you think about him?

EJ: Oh yeah, I've talked with Coach Brown and man, he's a smooth talker. He likes the game too. He's a nice person to talk to and he understands what players are going through.

IT: Have you caught any Longhorn games?

EJ: Yeah, I was able to make it down to the OSU game. They did pretty good, but they had some trouble with Woods. But it was a good game.

IT: Describe your game.

EJ: Great speed. Good range. Sure tackler.

IT: And when will you make your official visit?

EJ: December 13th (Banquet Weekend).

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