Recruiting: Ofa Mohetau Talks About His Top Five

The state of Texas has a reputation for producing offensive linemen by the truckload. Although this year hasn't been as bountiful as most, it definitely doesn't lack for franchise-types at the top. <B>Ofa Mohetau</B>, an offensive guard/tackle candidate, is currently sitting as the second-best offensive lineman in's national rankings. And Mohetau has a list of schools that are literally salivating over the thought of garnering his John Hancock by National Signing Day 2003.

When asked who his top five includes and what his itinerary might look like, Mohetau said, "Well, I'm not sure about all of the visits. I have to take my ACT on December 13th and I'll know a little more then. I'm going to see OU on the 20th of December and BYU on the 17th of January. Texas, Miami and Arizona State will be the other three, just don't know the exact date."

Mohetau's religious preference was a topic of debate with regard to where he might end up. BYU was looking like the school to beat and the 5-star blue-chip dispelled the legitimacy of that notion when he told IT, "You know, it's not going to be a major factor at all. I'm just going to go where I feel I'm the most comfortable and where I like it the most. That's really the only thing I'm going to be concerned about."

Kind of makes you wonder where he sees each school at this point and who is doing the recruiting.

"Everyone from OU is calling, it's not just one coach," said the state's top-ranked offensive line prospect. "OU is a good school and they're not that far from home. And they have a pretty good team. Basically, I just got to go and check them out."

"Duane Akina is the guy who calls the most from Texas. But when I think of UT, I think of their tradition, just a lot of tradition. They've had a lot of years of being good and they've had a lot of good seasons. They've had a lot good players coming in for awhile and they have good players coming in now. Plus, I see Texas as an opportunity to make it to the NFL. They've had a lot of linemen going in the first round and some even in the second round."

"Mark Stoops is the guy recruiting me for Miami. And they're just a good all-around team. They have like, two National Championships here, recently, and I like the way they play. I like the way their linemen come off the ball. They're just real aggressive."

"Steve Kaufusi is the BYU coach recruiting me. And I feel like I could change some things around there if I decided to go there. And you have to like the way they play. You know their record doesn't mean much when you watch the way they play. They'll play anybody and they're not afraid to, either. They're always ready to go against any one, any time, and any place. I like that."

"Arizona State is a team that is the wild-card of the bunch. They're different from anyone else and I kind of like that. They're having a pretty good year this year. They would be just something different and that's why I'm going to go there and check them out."

Mohetau is absolutely terrifying when you look at his size/speed/athleticism combo, plus he's got wicked strength. He gave IT his updated measurements and the kid is simply off-the-hook: 6-foot-3, 318 pounds, a mind-bending 4.8 in the forty, eye-popping 430-pound bench and a 505-pound squat.

Asked what his strengths are, Mohetau said: "My strengths? Well, I feel like I'm dominant at everything." Some numbers to back that up: as a junior, Mohetau totaled a astronomical 159 pancake blocks. Stats for his senior season haven't been officially tallied yet, but Mohetau said his pancake numbers for '02 easily topped 100.

"I feel like I can adapt to any scheme," Mohetau added. "I've actually learned a lot each day I practiced. I just work really hard. I'm not trying to be big-headed or anything, but I just have a lot of confidence in the way I play. I'm a quick learner and no matter where I end up, I'll pick the scheme up pretty quick."


"I really don't think I have any," said the Euless Trinity senior. "Like I said, I'm not trying to be big-headed or anything, but I don't think I have any. Weaknesses? I really don't like to show weakness. I mean, I couldn't even say if I had a weakness? Someone else would have to show me my weakness."

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