UTEP Game Report Cards

IT's Coaches Corner Moderator Mike Venable grades the Longhorn performances in Texas' win over UTEP.

We played well in the passing game. We moved the pocket effectively against the stunting 3-3-5 and had solid protection when we decided to go empty with five wides. We threw well. We caught well. We blocked downfield well. We did well in the return game.

We didn't have a solid game plan for our linemen in the ground game. Our guards didn't have many aiming points on most running plays and there was too much reading going on against stacks that were firing or slanting every play. In all fairness it's very predictable that a big time stunt load will give any ground game some bad plays as well as give up some big plays---I'm just not sure we gave our guys a very aggressive approach of firing off the ball.

Here are the grades:

Offensive Report Card

There is definitely some good improvement in our defensive play from the past two years but it's going to take time for coach Muschamp get us where we want to be. Technique in position play has shown a large improvement. Passion has become more intense. The best compliment I can give our defense is they look like they are having fun playing the game.

We are still missing too many tackles. We give too much cushion because of inexperience and a small lack of confidence. We are taking fewer bad angles but we still make some terrible decisions that well coached players won't make. It's all about attitude---if it remains important to the individuals and we get quality coaching that stresses accountability we will become an outstanding defense.

Here are the grades:

Defensive Report Card

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