Rice Game Report Cards

IT's Coaches Corner Moderator Mike Venable grades the Longhorn performances in Texas' win over Rice.

We did some good things against Rice. We introduced a new face to our O-Line and he did some very good things without a single missed assignment. We threw some tremendous blocks in space. We only had one penalty. Colt was very good. Cody gave us a nice change of pace in the ground game. The WR's had a good night both catching and blocking. Our only sack occurred when Colt drifted into it---can't count Chiles as a sack on the O-line.

We still need a crisper goal-line attack. The blocking from guard to TE wiped out the defense but our backs fumble-farted their kick out blocks. We need to actually utilize our two QB package if we are counting on it to produce later in the year. We need to run at least one reverse each half or a suitable counter- punch -- we need a dependable draw. I'm just sick about Irby.

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We threw some new looks at Rice and several feature our best playmakers doing what they do best. Coach Muschamp gave us a glimpse of what we might expect in the coming weeks against the spread formations. Wild-carding Sergio Kindle in a variety of alignments and alternating spying/stunting allows Sergio to get after the ball without any major thinking responsibilities. Using the MLB position often in a dictated stunting gap allows coach Muschamp to utilize two speed rushers off the same edge or opposite edges. We are doing a much better job of getting off blocks and the missed tackles are decreasing in the front unit.

We are still struggling with coverage in that we aren't challenging the catch because of cushion. We are not well coached in goal-line coverages and for the zillionth time we still appear confused when two receivers cross (Rice TD pass). There should not be confusion in the third game of the year on the goal-line---man 'em up if you can't teach and coach a zone they can understand but get them in something they can succeed in.

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