One on One With Lache Seastrunk

Temple running back Lache Seastrunk, an electrifying runner and one of Texas' top targets for the class of 2010, talks in an exclusive interview about his team's rough start to the season, his plans for recruiting and much more.

Matt Stepp: Lache, first off thanks for taking the time to visit with us.

Lache Seastrunk: No problem sir!

MS: Lache, Temple is off to an 0-4 start and I know that isn't the start you were hoping for. Have you and the team found things more difficult this year because the target is on your back?

LS: I definitely feel like the target is on our back this year. It's been tough, we graduated some senior play makers that really made a difference for us. I think we are improving, but we've got a big surprise next week that I think will get us going.

MS: Is it more difficult to manage your time now? It seems like everyone wants a piece of you these days. Not only that but now as a junior the school work is getting tougher as well. How do you balance it all?

LS: No sir, I don't find my time management to be hard. I don't talk to very many people, just a few select people that I know. I am focused on my school work, I'm making all A's and B's right now.

MS: What's your favorite subject in school?

LS: I really like English, I enjoy writting and doing reports and reading literature.

MS: Temple's early season schedule has been tough, you guys have gone against the best in the state. Do you feel like that meat grinder will prepare you guys for the playoffs if you can get in?

LS: I can say we have played some of the best teams in the state, we got off to a slow start against Cedar Park and that cost us. I take the blame for the Leander game, that fumble cost us. I know it happens but it was still tough and Plano was just a machine, they work so well together. A&M Consolidated had a great game pln and they shut us down. The bottom line is we need to put four good quarters together.

MS: Now on to recruiting, right now how many offers do you have and who are they from?

LS: Honestly, I don't even know how many offers I have. I don't open half the mail I get from colleges right now, because its so much! I watch a lot of college football and some of the teams I've really paid close attention to are; LSU, Oklahoma, USC, Texas, TCU, Arizona State and Alabama. I am looking forward to going to the Texas-Oklahoma, I've heard a lot about that game so I am excited.

MS: Well, are there any favorites right now? Everyone has seemed to associate you with LSU and Texas, is that still the case?

LS: Well my mindset right now, is I like everyone. No school is a bad school for me. I can say I will go to a school that uses the running back a lot.

MS: So have you set a timetable for a decision yet?

LS: Yes sir, I am going to wait until the last moment. Probably right around Signing Day, I want to make sure I do all my research to make the best decision for me and my family.

MS: What's one thing you want everyone to know about you that might surprise people?

LS: I am a very humble person, a lot of people might think I am cocky but I'm not. I am humble and I don't like to brag on myself at all.

MS: Do you have a pregame ritual you go through? Maybe something you listen to or a certain meal you eat pregame?

LS: No sir, the only thing I do before every game is pray. Everything else just kind of happens until we go out and do team warm-ups.

MS: Do you feel like if you guys can just get that first win under your belts it will start you guys on a roll.

LS: Yes sir, we just need to get one. Hopefully, we can get it this week against Copperas Cove.

MS: What are your early thoughts on Cove?

LS: They are a real tough team, there is a reason they are unbeaten. They are solid across the board. Tanner Brock is a great player, he's got great instincts and he's a great hitter.

MS: Lache, thanks again for joining us and good luck this week. We'll talk again soon!

LS: No problem, thank you.

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