Arkansas Game Report Cards

IT's Coaches Corner Moderator Mike Venable grades the Longhorn performances in Texas' win over Arkansas.

It's extremely difficult to complain about an offense that is producing the points Texas is putting up so let's concentrate on the positives this week. The passing game is almost letter perfect from protection through reception and the few imperfections are so minor they aren't worth mentioning. The rushing production of around 200 yards may be from unexpected sources but the offensive line is providing a quality foundation that we can build upon going forward.

I think it's important to mention several individual efforts that often go unnoticed for some fans because they aren't involved with the ball. WR Malcolm Williams for his outstanding block on Colt's long TD run. Cody Johnson for his decleater block on Colt's iso QB draw. Jeremy Hills for his pancake block on one QB draw. Ced Dockery for a pancake on a sweep. David Snow for a pancake on a pull and a great block on a LB in space. Michael Huey for a terrific blitz-pickup and another pickup on an edge stunt after reading zone blitz---Britt Mitchell for a super block on another QB draw---Charlie Tanner for a super kick-out block on an option.

Here are the grades: Offensive Report Card

The Texas defense is showing steady improvement each week. There are fewer mistakes being made while the level of passion continues to rise. The fun part of watching a Muschamp defense is to see correct performances in areas that have been less than stellar in years past. One small example is the three solid mustache shots passed on corner blitzes that were too often "drive by's" during the last two DC's years at the helm. Another area that has been improved is the effort of all eleven defenders to arrive at the ball when it's whistled dead---it's strictly "want to" and Muschamp has the entire depth chart honoring the correct way to play the game.

Here are the grades: Defensive Report Card

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