Recruiting: 'X' Marks The Top Prospect In Texas

With prospects such as <B>Ofa Mohetau</B>, <B>Jorrie Adams</B> and <B>Tony Hills</B> topping the different state top-10 lists for the class of 2003, not a single one has <B>Xavier Lawson-Kennedy</B> No. 1, let alone in the top five. And that's quite perplexing when you think of the studs over the last two years that received plenty of love as DTs.

Prospects like Rodrique Wright of Alief and Tommie Harris of Killeen were fixtures in the top five throughout their recruitment, yet X, as he is called by his teammates and friends, is on the outside looking in. And he might even be better than his top five predecessors.

Dig out the old scribbled-on recruiting newsletters and marked-up recruiting magazines from the past five years or so ... you know, ever since Mack Brown made recruiting fun again ... and, find me a more intriguing interior lineman than the 5-star blue-chip freak from Duncanville.

Consider this: Kennedy reportedly has over 90 Div. 1-A scholarship offers -- including every elite program you can think of licking their chops at the thought of him lining up at defensive tackle, nose guard and/or nose tackle for their respective school. His measurements from a few months ago and stats as a junior are not only grossly unconventional, but utterly bizarre. Kid is off-the hook. Let's take a look:

Ht - 6'3"

Wt - 305

40 - 4.82

20-yard shuttle - 4.42

Vertical - 32"

Bench - 465

Squat - 640

Incline Bench - 440

Power Clean - 370

Tackles - 117

Tackles 4 loss - 48

Sacks - 10

Tipped Passes - 4

Forced Fumbles - 4

Fumble Recoveries - 2

Bench Reps @ 225 pounds (NFL Combine Weight) -- 25


In case you weren't able to digest that information, allow me to highlight a few key things. X weighed 305 pounds, clocked a 4.8 forty, had a 465-pound bench max, 640-pound squat, a ridiculous 370-pound power clean and 25 bench reps @ 225 pounds. That's right, twenty-five reps at 225 pounds with a 32" vertical that is just absolutely sick for a guy his size.

Totally insane. Absolutely mind-blowing.

"Yes sir," said Kennedy laughing hysterically. "Most people I tell that to either don't believe me or don't comprehend the numbers in the manner with which you do."

Get a load of the stats from this year and where's he physically at, now.

Height - 6-3/6-4

WT - 310

40 - 4.8

20-yard Shuttle - 4.42

Vertical - 32.5"/33"

Bench - 480

Squat - 700

Incline - 450

Power Clean - 375

Tackles - 92

Tackles 4 Loss - 63

Sacks - 10

Tipped Passes - 2

Forced Fumbles: 7

Fumble Recoveries - 2

Bench Reps @ 225 pounds (NFL Combine Weight) -- 25+

Again, his numbers are so far off-the-chart that having him outside the top-three is absurd. Hands-down the No. 1 recruit in the Lone-Star state. And whoever lines up across him better bring his hard hat to work that day and he better pack his breakfast, lunch and dinner, because X will be bringing it.

So, who's on the agenda?

"Well, I've got a top eight right now," said TheInsiders' No. 3 DT in the nation. "A&M, USC, Texas, OU, Arkansas, Florida, FSU and Miami."

"Those eight schools will be by to make their in-home visits along with a few others. Some have already been here. Notre Dame and A&M came to see me Sunday and I think Georgia did too. Texas and Oklahoma State came by Monday. Florida is coming today. FSU, I think, will be seeing me on Thursday. Miami and USC will both be by before the end of the week. OU will be here Sunday because they needed a little more time because of their (championship) game and I gave Arkansas just a little more time because of their (championship) game."

When asked if he'll reduce his top eight to a top seven, then a top six, and so forth, Kennedy said, "No, I'll pick a top 5 for my five visits and those will be the top five. After I take all of my visits, I'll make a final decision."

After the week is over expect to see five schools and their fans extremely crazy over the thought that Kennedy has selected their school, providing the next step toward winning the war over the right to say they signed the state's best defensive tackle.

According to X, Texas sent Bruce Chambers and Mike Tolleson to earn one of the precious five officials. If Texas makes the cut, it'll be Mack Brown's turn to close the deal on one of the most physically gifted stallions coming from Texas since perhaps Mean Joe Green out of Duncanville or Earl Campbell from Tyler. Regardless, there's not a more automatic blue-chip recruit than Duncanville's Xavier Lawson-Kennedy.

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