Kirkpatrick Reschedules Texas Visit

Dre Kirkpatrick, one of the top corners in the nation and one of Texas' few remaining targets for 2009, planned on taking his official visit to Austin, but has since had to reschedule. Kirkpatrick talked about if he'll eventually make the trip, his time at the LSU-Florida game this past weekend and more.

Dre Kirkpatrick won't be coming to the Texas-Missouri game this weekend, but he does want people to know he plans on eventually making it back to Austin for his official.

"I had scheduled a visit, but I had to cancel it," he explained. "We couldn't get plane tickets for the day we wanted to go. I still plan on taking an official visit to Texas."

In fact, as of right now Texas is the only official he's certain he's going to take.

"As far as all my other visits everything is still up in the air. Texas is the only one I know of for sure I will take. I have been to Alabama so many times I am leaning on not taking an official visit there. I want to go see the schools I haven't really visited."

While Kirkpatrick hasn't seen a Texas game in person yet, he did get a chance to see a big one this past weekend.

"I went down to the Florida-LSU game," said Dre Kirkpatrick. "The visit was great. Florida came out clicking. I was just down there on an unofficial visit."

"It was pretty tough to talk to the coaches because it was such a big game. I did speak to coach (Urban) Meyer. He told me Florida was where I needed to be. He didn't talk about playing time. He just said they need big cornerbacks."

"The Swamp was wild. There is a lot of energy in the stadium. It was cool. I was able to meet one of their players, Janoris Jenkins. He was cool. He had a big game."

"I think Florida is pretty good. I am thinking about taking an official visit down there. I really like their defense and how they play their cornerbacks. I like Janoris Jenkins a lot. He came up and had a big sack in the game. They really showcase their corners, and I like that."

Kirkpatrick has also been one of Clemson's top targets, and he visited Death Valley during the summer. He heard the news after practice of Tommy Bowden's dismissal and of his recruiting coach, Dabo Swinney, named the interim head coach.

"I literally just heard about coach Bowden," he said. "I was pretty sure that was going to happen. I haven't talked to coach Dabo yet, but I am sure I will. Clemson isn't off my list, but I don't plan on taking a trip up there."

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