Missouri Game Report Cards

IT's Coaches Corner Moderator Mike Venable grades the Longhorn performances in Texas' win over Missouri.

Five straight TD drives to start the game. Fifty-six points with over 550 yards. 30-of-33 passing for almost 400 yards. 200+ yards rushing. It's hard to imagine how much better the offense could play especially considering we were playing the 11th-rated team that will probably win the Big 12 North.

We added another lineman to the rotation giving us eight now. We had three young WR's step up when given the opportunity. The backup QB and RBs played outstanding when given their opportunity to produce. Mistakes were minimal from the entire group. We were prepared to play well and we didn't disappoint.

Here are the grades: Offensive report card

The first half was the best defensive effort this season and overall wasn't as bad as 31 points usually indicate (Missouri has some great players/play-makers). The D-line stuffed the run and pressured the QB into throws he didn't want to throw. The LB unit (with one exception) played smarter and with better technique than they have all year. The DBs had some great plays mixed in with some difficult plays in coverage and space. The common thread between the three groups is the effort and passion they put on the line -- we played well because everyone was prepared and wanted to.

Intensity: check.

Attitude: check.

Having fun:check.

Fun to watch: priceless.

Here are the grades: Defensive report card

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