Oklahoma State Game Report Cards

IT's Coaches Corner Moderator Mike Venable grades the Longhorn performances in Texas' win over Texas Tech.

We weren't as crisp overall on the offensive side of the ball. We had one fumble and one interception to go along with four dropped passes that stalled promising drives. We missed a few blocks and missed some cuts that had opened up in the running game.

The O-Line had a super game with just a few bad plays in the running game. The pass blocking was excellent with our two tackles having exceptional days. The two senior WR's continued to dazzle the opponents without a single mistake. Once again our QB picked the defense apart with his arm and his feet. Here are the grades:

Offensive Report Card

Let's get the bad out of the way first. We missed way too many tackles. We played bad technique too often against the running game. We took bad angles. We don't understand kickoff coverage and the need to run full speed so we arrive together instead of in waves five to ten yards apart in depth. We got caught in alignment problems that cost us big plays.

OK State's TE (Pettigrew) mauled everybody not named Melton that we put in front of him. OK State's RB (Hunter) proved to be the best we've faced by breaking tackles time after time. OK State's QB (Robinson) killed our angle taking with his deceiving speed on scrambles and keeps. OK State's O-Line was the best run blocking line we've seen this year and proved it with over 200 yards on the ground. Bottom line is OK State (even without mentioning Dez Bryant) is a tremendous challenge for any college defense.

Let's talk about the good now. We held the Cowboys to 24 points despite:
1. Having two starting corners basically out of the lineup.
2. Having no choice but to play one safety over the top every down against Dez because of reason No. 1.
3. Definite overload of assignments for the (other) safety, which led to too much thinking instead of reacting.
4. Extremely limited stuntload ability for coach Muschamp due to "borrowed---9 playing 10 due to double on Dez" personnel and formation TE.

Henry Melton had his best game at DE. Jared Norton had a second straight outstanding effort. Curtis Brown came up aces at CB and showed he has the talent to improve our secondary. Earl Thomas had another huge play with a fumble strip in our red zone. Lamarr Houston made a big play on the fourth down screen. We effectively took Dez Bryant away from big plays until their last drive---we did a great job (minus the MT's and poor angles) holding them to 24 while playing 9 against 10. Here are the grades:

Defensive Report Card

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