Catching up with Mason Walters

Texas Longhorn commit Mason Walters has been dealing with the aftermath in the Lubbock area after the Red Raiders upset of the top ranked Longhorns. The top national prospect has endured some chatter from Red Raider fans in the last couple of days, but remains solidly in the Longhorns corner. Walters took the time to speak with Burnt Orange Beat on the big game as well as his senior season.

Mason Walters is's sixth rated offensive tackle in the country, and has been committed to Texas since March.

Q: Did you attend the Texas Tech – Texas game in Lubbock?

No. I couldn't get tickets, but I watched it on TV.

Q: What were your thoughts on the game?

Good game. I am catching some flack from the locals out here in Lubbock. I thought the Texas coaches did a good job of making adjustments in the second half. I wish Texas had won, but thought it was a good game overall.

Q: What are your thoughts on Texas' season?

I am pleasantly surprised. From what I had read, they are definitely exceeding expectations. Texas plays top notch college football. That is why I am going there.

Q: What programs are still recruiting you?

"Tech is still recruiting me, but everyone else has stopped," Walters said, who received early offers from the likes of USC, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor, Arizona and Oklahoma State in addition to Texas.

Q: Are you 100% committed to Texas?

I am absolutely 100% committed to Texas. I consider myself a Longhorn and I will be there in January.

Q: What are your thoughts on Frenship's season?

We are 9-0 so far. A lot of people did not think we would be as good this year as compared to last year, so we have had to fight that. We are in position to make the playoffs again.

Q: How would you describe your season? Are you happy with your performance?

I am having a pretty good year, but I did give up my first sack of my high school career (33 games) against Big Spring. That would be my only complaint.

Q: When are you taking your official visit with Texas?

I am coming in for the banquet on December 12 assuming we are not still in the playoffs. I did attend the Missouri game. That will be the only game I am able to make.

Q: At the Texas summer camp, you worked exclusively at center. Is that where the Texas coaches expect you to play or do you think you might also play at tackle?

I will do whatever the coaches ask me to do. I committed to Texas, so whatever the best position is for me and my team is what I am going to do.

Q: What are your thoughts on being one of the top rated players in the country?

It kind of paints a target on you as some guys want to take their shots at you, but I take it with grain of salt. I try to work hard, do my best, and whatever comes, comes. I do not dwell on those types of accolades. Someone probably disagrees with that ranking.

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