Longhorn Offensive Prospects in the Draft

Burnt Orange Beat spoke with Scout.com NFL Draft Analyst Chris Steuber to get a feel for just how high the Longhorn prospects might go. Steuber was also kind enough to share his thoughts over several draft eligible underclassmen that might be looking to leave Austin early. Steuber breaks down the Texas offensive prospects in part two of this two part series.

Cedric Dockery

"He's got great size and good lateral movement. He is probably a fourth or fifth round prospect."

Chris Ogbonnaya

Steuber compares Ogbonnaya's skill set to Greg Jones of Jacksonville, although Jones is bigger.

"I am concerned about his speed. He's got really good size and quickness, but he won't impress at the combine. Teams could look at him as a fullback. The one thing that is in his favor is that he plays for Texas. I think his special teams ability will help him with a spot on a roster."

Quan Cosby

"Quan has a chance to be a third round pick. He reminds me a lot of Jerricho Cotchery [of the NY Jets]. He has great skills and a unique ability to get open. Cosby is probably going to be a slot receiver in the NFL. He doesn't have the blazing speed to be an outside threat, but he's steady and has great hands. He's got an elite body with a very strong physique."

Does his age hurt his stock?

"Maybe a little bit, he will be 26 this year. Reggie Brown was drafted as a 25 year old in the second round. John Beck was 27 last year and was drafted in the second round as well. Age matters, but talent rules."

Jordan Shipley

"I would be surprised if he went back to Texas. He will get drafted next year. He has an injury history. Why risk your health in college when you could get drafted and potentially play in the NFL?"

Steuber continued, "I think he is a fifth round guy, but it all depends on what he does during the offseason. Quan [Cosby] has a bigger following and more scouts are aware of him, but he has to have a big offseason as well. Shipley has a lot of talent and I think he will surprise scouts during the offseason with his speed."

Colt McCoy

"I love the kid; he's a winner. He can be a late first, early second rounder this year. If I was him, I would enter the draft. The senior quarterback class is horrible and the draft class will be dependent on the juniors who enter, so McCoy has a chance to sneak into the first round with a good combine."

What are his best attributes?

"His ability to move out of the pocket and make plays on the run. He has a strong arm and has excellent touch. He's a guy that leads and has excellent character. His accuracy is remarkable. He always seems to find the open receiver. He has also limited his turnovers this season and understands what defenses are trying to do to him. He has really developed nicely. I would say he compares nicely to Brady Quinn."

How do you compare McCoy's NFL ability to other Big 12 quarterbacks (Daniel, Bradford, Harrell), and to the other top national signal callers (Sanchez, Tebow, and Stafford)?

"Personally, I'm a huge fan of Graham Harrell. I think he's a stud. He doesn't have the strongest arm, but he's pin point accurate. McCoy will be drafted before Chase Daniel and Harrell. Sam Bradford is rated higher and has a chance to be a top-ten pick if he enters the draft. Sanchez and Stafford are probably top-10, top-15 selections if they enter. I love Tebow as well. I don't see Tebow entering the draft, but if he did; he's a top-five player in the nation in my mind.

If any of those underclassmen don't declare, who are the top non-draft eligible quarterbacks that might be in the 2010 draft?

"Well, Jimmy Clausen, with a solid year, could. Colin Kaepernick from Nevada is an intriguing player. Jack Locker has great ability. Colt McCoy would be one of the top quarterbacks for 2010 if he returns to school."

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