Current Commit Update: Limas Sweed

With an immensely talented trio of junior wideouts completing their eligibility next season and the most spectacular of three pondering the idea of foregoing his last season as a Longhorn, signing <B>Limas Sweed</B> may turn out to be one of the most significant additions <B>Mack Brown</B> and staff can make in the Class of 2003.

Considering Darryl Drake (Texas' wide receiver coach) lost the services of Marquis Johnson due to the NCAA Clearinghouse issues, the Horns are in danger of not keeping the cupboard stocked with enough playmaking wideouts.

Enter Limas Sweed, the 6-5, 205-pound WR/FS hailing from Brenham, Texas, who gave IT a chance to visit with him recently.

IT: Need to update your vitals.

LS: HT -- 6-5

WT -- 205

40 -- 4.43

Vert. -- 38"

Bench -- 325

Squat -- 400

Incline Bench -- 300

TDs -- 11

Catches -- 30+

Yards -- 700

INTs -- 6


IT: With your physical strength and playmaking ability at free safety, do you ever think about playing on the defensive side of the ball in college or do you see that toughness as something that will help you at the wide receiver position?

LS: Yes, I think playing defense will help me out at wide receiver in college. I'm pretty good on defense, but I'm a receiver. That's the position I'll play on the next level and the position I want to play.

IT: How has your coach used you this year at safety?

LS: Blitzes, covering the flats, playing the middle and close to the line of scrimmage in run support.

IT: Being 6-5, 205 pounds, with a 38-inch vertical and a 4.43 forty, are you aware that many Longhorn fans see you as the next Roy Williams or Lovell Pinkney?

LS: No. Is that what they think? That's something I never really thought about. It would be nice to do what they have done.

IT: When did Texas first notice you?

LS: Probably when I came down to the UT camp in between my sophomore and junior year, not this last year. This year, I just went and hung out a little...didn't participate in the camp. But the year before, Coach Drake saw something in me he liked and told me to just keep it up. He asked how my grades were and told me to make sure I stay on top of the books. From then on, they knew me and I knew Texas. And since then, Texas has been in the back of mind.

IT: After making the trip to Austin for the last two Longhorn camps, what were some of your thoughts?

LS: I just thought the camp was cool. And I think Austin is really nice. I was thinking about how I'd like to go to a nice environment where there are things to do.

IT: What advantages did you see in Texas that made you want to commit so early?

LS: Well, Austin is pretty close to Brenham and my family can come see me play. And Texas is one of the best schools in the country. Plus I just think that it's a great accomplishment to be asked to play for UT.

IT: Have you had a chance to speak with Mack Brown?

LS: Yes and I think he's very honest. And he wants you to be honest with him. And you can tell that he's not trying to cut corners or to trick you. He's straight up and up front and wants you to be the same with him.

IT: Can you tell me what was going through your mind when you were thinking of backing off your commitment to the Horns?

LS: People have been talking to me about the depth charts and telling me to look at the number of receivers they have. So, I was a little worried and all, but I'm firmly committed to Texas.

IT: So, if you have to come in and redshirt would that be an issue with you?

LS: Mack Brown said that I would be given a shot to compete for a position. And I'm willing to compete. And I know I still might have to redshirt, but I'm okay with that.

IT: What is it about Texas that makes you feel like you made the right choice?

LS: I think it's a great school academic-wise. They have a great program and a lot of talent. Just seems like the right school for me. Good atmosphere and a good coaching staff -- the coaching staff is what I like the most about going to Texas.

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