Irving Nimitz safety coming to Austin for A&M

The state of Texas is known for producing top-notch cornerbacks and safeties on a yearly basis. In the junior class, Irving Nimitz safety Eddrick Loften is already being talked about as one of the top defensive back prospects in the state after a mind blowing sophomore season followed by another productive season in 2008. Next week, Loften will take in his first game in Austin.

Eddrick Loften has been one of the top defenders in the Metroplex for the last two season and college programs from the Big 12 region have taken notice. As a sophomore, the 5-11, 195-pound hard hitting safety burst onto the scene recording 122 tackles and three interceptions in 10 games good for 7-5A Sophomore of the Year honors.

Before Loften filled the alley and made his first tackle of the 2008 season, college programs from around the region were sending mail and inviting the talented defender to games at many college campuses. Programs such as Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Kansas were already knocking on the door.

The safety known for making jaw-dropping hits continued his impressive play as a junior tallying more than 70 tackles, four interceptions and three sacks. Throw in more than 200 yards and three scores of offense in a limited role and it's likely that another all-district selection is imminent.

Loften has not only been busy on Friday nights chasing down ball carriers, but also on Saturday afternoons taking in a number of college games. Loften says the Texas-OU game was the highlight.

"I went to Texas-Oklahoma, Nebraska-Oklahoma and I'm going to Texas Tech-Oklahoma this weekend. Next week, I'm going to the Texas A&M-Texas game," Loften said. "Texas-OU was a good game. A last second game, so it was a good game. It's just a great rivalry game," said Loften.

While it is still early in the process and the junior is yet to officially receive his first offer, five schools stand out and one of them was a childhood favorite.

"I don't have any offers yet, but Texas, Oklahoma, A&M, Texas Tech and Kansas are my top five right now. Every school is recruiting me as a safety. I don't really have a favorite, but I'm from Texas. My favorite team growing up was the Texas Longhorns, but I'm keeping my options open and am going through the process with an open mind," Said Loften, who cites Texas and Oklahoma as recruiting him the hardest.

With the season over for Nimitz, Loften took a look back at his performance and looked ahead to improving for the 2009 season.

"I feel like I had a good year. I played more offense this year, but I still made plays on defense. My stats were still good on defense, but I can do more. For me looking at next year, it's about getting faster. I already have the physical part of the game down, but my speed can always get better." Loften said.

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