Recruiting: What Happened With UT and XLK?

With <B>Xavier Lawson-Kennedy</b> making some noise by whittling down his list of 8 schools to 4 and then surprising everyone by adding Oklahoma State for his fifth and final spot on his visit list, <I>IT</i> wanted to get the details. Since X is in the process of changing locations, we decided to give Duncanville Head Coach <B>Dan Schreiber</B> a call.

Inside Texas: So, who's out of the mix?

Dan Schreiber: You can say good-bye to Texas, Miami, FSU and Florida.

IT: Who's in?

DS: OU, A&M, Arkansas, USC and Oklahoma State.

IT: What's the visit schedule looking like?

DS: He'll go to A&M (Dec. 13) this weekend and OU (Dec. 20) the weekend after that. He'll then go to Arkansas the 10th, 11th and 12th of January, Oklahoma State (Jan. 17) the following weekend and USC (Jan. 24) the weekend after that.

IT: I guess everyone wants to know if Tommy Devereaux's commitment to Oklahoma State had any bearing with X adding the Cowboys to his top five and even some are wondering if Les Miles has a little bit better shot at getting your kid because of having Devereaux's verbal?

DS: I don't think so. X is going to make his own decision and where Tommy commits or doesn't commit won't really factor into his decision. Obviously, he added Oklahoma State, but they did a good job of selling their program.

IT: Do you see him wanting to stay or play in the Big 12 region?

DS: Well, I don't think the Big 12 makes much of a difference with where he might want to go. I think you could say that USC is a longshot because of how far away they are. But from where we are, location-wise, Arkansas is only a four-and-a-half hour drive and not a whole lot farther than Oklahoma, so even Arkansas is pretty close to our region. Now, the away games for Arkansas could be a little bit longer of a drive, but he's a good four-and-a-half hours from home games at OU, Arkansas, A&M and Oklahoma State. Those four will be pretty hard to beat because of that.

IT: Let's talk a little about the 3-4 and the 4-3. The teams occupying his top five prefer to use four down linemen the majority of the time, save for A&M, at least with Slocum and Co. Do you see him ruling out anyone with regard to the style of defense?

DS: Well, we don't know what Franchione's going to do at A&M yet. His style of defense at TCU and Alabama used a four-man line most of the time. But everyone uses certain elements from time to time where they'll use a 3-man line in certain situations and go back to a 4-3. We do that from time to time and I see X playing well regardless of where you line him up. You know, bumping defensive linemen around isn't a big deal -- they're used to that.

IT: Can you honestly tell me what happened to the Horns and why they didn't make the cut?

DS: Well, I think the Texas coaches kind of knew that getting X was going to be hard because he was taking so long. In fact, he asked me to call them and tell them he wasn't interested. It's certainly not a knock on Texas, but it really came down to the fact that Texas has about nine defensive tackles and they're all pretty good. And that's not to say that X is afraid of competition. It's more about the fact that he knows the schools he narrowed his choices down to don't have that many talented DT's on their roster. He might not ever play at any of the other schools either, but he won't have as many to beat out. And he'd like to crack the rotation as a freshman if possible.

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