Super sophomore Leroy Scott turning heads

Finding true cornerbacks is not an easy task anymore as so many recruited are simply considered to be cover corners. At South Houston High in the Pasadena Independent School District, there is a sophomore that is turning heads in the Houston area with his ability as an all-around corner. Meet lock down corner Leroy Scott.

College programs annually turn over every rock in every city and state in search of true cornerback prospects that can play both the run and the pass with equal success. In district 22-5A at South Houston High, sophomore Leroy Scott has the look of the next nationally sought cornerback from the state of Texas.

It is odd to say a sophomore in a 5A program is a fixture on the varsity level, but that is exactly what Leroy Scott is for the Trojan defense. The speedy, yet very physical corner started eight games as a freshman for South Houston earning 22-5A honorable mention all-district and was already being talked about within the district as the top young defender.

As a sophomore Scott's reputation grew every Friday night, as one would be lucky to see more than one or two passes thrown the way of the Trojans corner. At 5-11, 180-pounds with legitimate 4.5 speed, long arms and a naturally strong build, Scott's performance and respect shown by the opponents did not come as surprise to South Houston head coach C.L. Whittington.

"Other than the fact that we didn't play two games, I think he had an excellent season," Whittington said. "He was solid as a corner, which is hard to find someone at his age that can play corner. He also played gunner on punt team and on kickoff coverage team," Whittington added.

Whittington, a former safety in the NFL from 1974-78 with the Houston Oilers, knows what to look for in a cornerback and says his star pupil has the talent that few naturally possess.

"Leroy can play off, he can play bump and run, he's solid on the run force and he does a whole lot of things from the outside. Leroy had some big hits this year. Big hits and cornerbacks are a rarity these days. I feel like he's a complete corner. All of the intangibles are there. He's still constantly working on technique. He has the raw ability. He's doing much better with his bump and run press coverage and that is what he likes to do. The different things technique-wise are what he needs to work on. The athletic ability is there, the body is there, the speed is there, and so it's just about constantly working on technique," Whittington said.

With the football season over, Scott is now playing on the Trojans basketball team before track and football offseason in the spring. Scott has high hopes for track season.

"I'm playing basketball now," said Scott. "I'll run track after basketball season. I'm going to run the 100 and 200. My goal is to hopefully run a 10.5 this year. I'm going to get down from that 10.8 last year. I'm not sure about a time for the 200."

While Scott is a multisport athlete, the long armed sophomore knows that football is where his bread is buttered and is not shy about talking about what makes him a prospect college programs are already chasing.

"I press well. I can press and shut somebody down. If it's a key player, I can get on them and shut them down. Don't even let the team think about throwing the ball my way," Scott said.

On the recruiting front, it is very early and Scott's name is just starting to get out around the region. One program that has been closely following the talented 2011 prospect is the Texas Longhorns.

"I went to the UT Thanksgiving game versus the Aggies. I was a guest of UT. That game was a very good experience. I have never been to anything like it. I don't have anything to compare it to. I'm interested in Texas," Scott said.

Along with the Longhorns, another regional power has the full attention of the South Houston defender.

"I would like to go to LSU. That's pretty much it, LSU and Texas. My eyes are on them (LSU). I've always liked them growing up." Scott said.

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