Recruiting: Brown 'Just Had a Great Time'

<I>IT</i> caught up with <B>Tarell Brown</b>, the 5-star bluechip from Mesquite, Texas, Sunday evening to see how everything went during his Austin visit for Banquet Weekend.

"Well, the traffic was a lot worse than we expected, so I missed part of the banquet," Brown said.

You'll have to excuse the nation's top corner, for he views a banquet as just another banquet -- and not a whole lot of fun. Perhaps the most congested stretch of highway in America did Longhorn fans a favor Friday night as one of the biggest stars of Texas was in Austin to be entertained.

"Luckily, they got through most of the boring stuff before I got there," said the North Mesquite defensive back.

As for Roy Williams' decision to buckle the chin-strap for the Burnt Orange one last year, Brown said, "You definitely get the feeling the Horns can win a national championship next season. With Roy, B.J. and Sloan forming a great wide-receiving corps next year, it opens up everything. A better ground game, more rest for the defense, and a better opportunity for the new quarterback. That's the feeling I think we (the preps in attendance) got from Roy's decision."

"Obviously, it would be nice to be in a situation where you have the option to go pro or stay somewhere you want to, for a chance to get your degree... and the opportunity to break lots of records," Brown continued. "There's not a doubt in my mind that Roy's the best wide receiver in college football and that next year he's going to break all kinds of records. But Roy made that decision for him and you have to respect that."

Aaron Harris -- one of Brown's best friends -- drew the enviable task of showing his bud around and made no attempts to pressure him into becoming a Longhorn, Brown said.

"You know, everyone was just really cool about all of that stuff. No one told me I should go to Texas or anything like that. I've been knowing Aaron Harris and Edorian McCullough for a long time and even they told me, 'Don't do what I want you to do. You do what you want to do. You're going to be the one stuck here for four years, so you're the one who has to live with it.' You know, they just tried to give me good advice. And they told me to just go with my heart and I won't go wrong."

When asked how the Austin nightlife compared to his other visits, an extremely grounded Brown said, "My focus is on my education and to play football."

However, he later said that Texas and Ohio State were neck-and-neck in that category and that Sixth Street was everything it was cracked up to be. He did offer up an excuse for FSU stating that most people were away for Thanksgiving holidays when he made his visit to Tallahassee and that the game he attended was pretty late, so mark them down for an "incomplete." College Station received a friendly "no comment".

Brown summed his visit up by saying, "I just had a great time."

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