Scouting Tevin Mims

Round Rock Stony Point defensive end Tevin Mims flew somewhat under the recruiting radar for most of the last year for the biggest schools in the Big 12. That all changed when Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp stopped by the local product to invite him to a bowl practice. Burnt Orange Beat staff scouts the big defender.

Tevin Mims (6-4, 240) does a lot of things well. The first thing that jumps out about Mims is the way he shoots the hands high and gets into the chest of his opponent. Mims has very long arms, and couple that with his correct shooting of the hands makes him tough to engage and keep engaged at the high school level.

In the playoffs against Garland, Mims had three sacks. He has a quick first step, not explosive, and is a fluid moving athlete. He can load his feet from different angles and maintain balance. He makes every sack using his hands, using his arm length, quick feet and an inconsistent rip move. He doesn't even rush the passer with a low inside shoulder or a second move if redirected at this point, which makes him a high ceiling prospect. His ability to move with fluidity and quickness is too much for guys to handle on the high school level.

Mims played a stand-up end for the majority of the game against Garland, but was big time in the handful of plays he lined up in a three point stance. He seemingly got penetration at will against Garland, but he wasn't matched up with a future college offensive tackle.

Another impressive quality about Mims was his ability to diagnose plays, play along the line of scrimmage laterally, and chase from the backside on running plays to the numbers (not to the sidelines).

He also does a good job of taking on a cut block and staying on his feet. He attacks the cut block with bent knees, uses his hands to push defender to the ground and uses his quickness to slide laterally and stay on his feet.

Areas of Improvement

As the competition increases, Mims will have to get stronger in the upper body. He appears somewhat wiry in the upper body, so one can not be sure how much muscle mass he can stack on his frame. His lower body is way ahead of his upper body right now. He could carry 260-270 pounds for sure.

Mims also has to develop a low inside shoulder rushing the passer, a more refined and powerfully quick rip move, a secondary move when redirected and needs to play hard on every snap.

Enjoy his junior highlights.

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