Recruiting: Texas 'Keeping It Real' For Killebrew

<B>Robert Killebrew</b>, Texas' top linebacking prospect for the class of 2003, made his official visit this past weekend. 6-1, 210-pounds, and a legit 4.5 in the 40, Killebrew brings the type of attitude and confidence to the position coaches like to see. And it's players like him -- who exhibit a tremendous enthusiasm coupled with an intense passion and emotion for the game --that can get a team over the proverbial hump.

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With Scott Derry of Pearland and Eric Foreman of Corrigan-Camden already in the fold, the senior from Klein high school is the last linebacking prospect on Texas' board and you can bet your bottom dollar Bull Reese would love to utilize his talents. IT caught up with Killebrew to discuss his trip to The University and where he's at on the recruiting front.

"I've got OU (Dec. 20) next weekend, Florida in January (Jan. 10) and that's it, for now," said the state's top linebacker. "I might schedule a trip to Arkansas. But at this point, there's nothing set up."

Having already visited UCLA and now Texas, Killebrew is half-way through his official visits provided he keeps his trips limited to the four schools he currently maintains as the favorites to garner his services. But with the Bruins' coaching situation having gone awry, the blue and gold find themselves in a rather precarious position with not only Killebrew, but also every other recruit showing interest in their program.

"Well, they fired Coach Toledo, so the whole relationship that was created is now gone," said the 4-star blue-chip from Spring, Texas. "The assistants will probably be fired too. So, I have pretty much eliminated them."

That leaves Texas leading at this point for the right to land the Klein Bearkat.

Continuing the focus on Roy Williams announcement in "the Drum," Killebrew shared his thoughts about Williams' decision to stay at Texas for his senior season.

"I think it shows that getting his degree is important to him," said the nation's sixth-ranked linebacker. "And that piece of paper will be there forever. You know, he could have gone pro and made some money, but you can lose all of that. Nobody can ever take that degree away. It was his decision to make and if that's what he wants, then that's what he should do. You can't really say what he should or shouldn't do. It's his decision and he wanted to stay so he could get his degree. It's hard to say, but I think he might be the No. 1 pick in next year's NFL draft. He's got a good shot at it and that might have something to do with him staying too."

With several recruits past and present enjoying Mack Brown's "Banquet Weekends," Killebrew offered up similar praise.

"I had a good time," Killebrew said. "I got to know the team a little more and some of the guys who would be coming in for next year's class. We all went out to Sixth Street and saw some pretty girls. Every time I turned around there were more and more girls, so it was cool."

Regardless of which nightclub you go into, there's guys on the dancefloor who are busy gettin' their freak on and there's some with two left feet who simply choose to play it cool.

"I ain't no dancer," Killebrew said. "I wasn't out there cuttin' the rug. If I was to get out there, I just might cut the whole place up, so I was just keepin' it real. I don't cut rug."

Last year's co-defensive Most Valuable Player in district 15-5A said he attended Kyle Shanahan's birthday party and enjoyed that as well.

Taking a nationally well-regarded recruit to a birthday party? That's pretty cheesy.

"Why is that cheesy?" Killebrew asked.

Certainly, Texas can offer something more exciting than that.

"It was real," Killebrew continued. "I didn't want them (Texas) to change things up for me and then when I get there everything's different."

What Killebrew took from Shanahan's birthday over the weekend was the fact that the Texas players are tight and family-like. And that sharing the festivities with Shanahan was the most important thing to do regardless of the fact that a birthday party might be considered a little less entertaining to some of the state's top prospects. In other words, family is family and the Longhorn football team is about showing their teammates love.


"Exactly," said a less-tensed Killebrew. "That's keeping it real and I liked that about their football team."

Shifting gears, Killebrew also said he had a chance to talk to Carl Reese and Mack Brown.

"It was pretty much the same discussion as I have had with them before," he said. "Coach Reese talked about the depth chart and how they use the linebackers in their style of defense. And when I met with Coach Brown, he talked about the integrity of the school and stuff like that."

Killebrew repeated the same sentiments of what every recruit who tripped to the Forty Acres this past weekend has told IT when he said, "Overall, I just had a good time."

Look for additional commentary on Killebrew in this week's edition of the Inside Texas Inside Scoop as IT got a little more in-depth about where Carl Reese intends to play the 4-star standout linebacker should he choose the Longhorns and more from one of the best prospects to interview in the Class of 2003.

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