Recruiting: The Low Down on Jimmy Sutton-Part 1

With <B>Whitney Lewis</B> a longshot and <B>Limas Sweed</B> having thoughts about taking another trip or two, where does Florida's <B>Jimmy Sutton III</B> stand? That was the question the Longhorn coaching staff was asking Sutton as he kept them informed after official visits to Oregon State and Oklahoma State. Of course, that was before he made his official Forty Acres visit, and visits to UT on what is known as "Banquet Weekend" have a way of clearing things up for the undecided.

IT had a chance to interview the speedster from Boca Raton, Florida to get the low down on his recruitment starting with his initial commitment back in early-June, what transpired after that as well as where he stands after this weekend.

Inside Texas: Need to get an update on your vitals.

Jimmy Sutton: HT -- 5'11.5"

WT -- 175

40 -- 4.41

20-yard shuttle -- 3.89

Vertical -- 42"

Bench -- 280

Squat -- 375

Grabs -- 35

Yards -- 400

TDs -- 4 (1 rushing, 1 kick return, 1 punt return, 1 INT returned for a TD)

Tackles -- 20

INTs -- 4

Pass Break-ups -- 8-9

FFs -- 4

FRs -- 3


IT: Man, that 42" vertical is looking nice. Definitely something to be proud of.

JS: Thank you sir.

IT: Looks like you pulled double-duty in the return game. What did you average as a kick returner and what was you average on punt returns?

JS: Well, teams stayed away from me on kickoffs. I only got the chance to return one kick and I took that one in for an 85-yard touchdown. I averaged 17.8 yards on punt returns.

IT: What position were you playing when racking up the stats you gave IT on the defensive side of the ball?

JS: Mostly free safety, but I played some corner too. Depending on who we faced and what kind of attack they had is where my coach used me.

IT: Were you happy with your production at wideout?

JS: Honestly, we were a running team. We would pass the ball about 15 times a game and about 5-6 of those were to the running back coming out of the backfield. So, going to a good football team is important to me. Having someone as good or better than you can take a lot of pressure off of you. I was doubled and triple-teamed all season.

IT: Give me a run-down of some of the schools that have offered and/or pursued you during the recruiting process.

JS: Texas, OU, Tennessee, West Virginia, K-State, Ohio State, N.C. State, Rutgers, Florida and Florida State.

IT: You made one of the Texas summer football camps in June; tell me a little bit about that.

JS: It was really nice. I got a chance to speak with the head coach (Mack Brown) and wide receiving coach (Darryl Drake) and I thought they were both really nice. Coach Drake was really exciting to talk to and I could tell that he brings a lot to the table as wide receiver coach.

IT: What did you think about Mack Brown?

JS: Well, I was at the Texas camp for a whole week and I just liked his style. He's laid back and what you would call a player's coach. Just a really cool coach. That's one of the main reasons I committed to Texas so early.

IT: What was your opinion of the level of competition you faced at the Texas camp and how did it compare to what you've seen in Florida?

JS: Well, being from Florida there's just a lot of speed here. Everywhere you go in the state of Florida you see lots of talent. Just a lot of athletes here. And no matter who you play against in high school football or what camps you attend, you can count on seeing a lot of speed. To go to another area in the country and see guys kicking up dirt was nice. Texas definitely has some speed and I had a nice appreciation of that. That really stood out to me.

IT: Brandon Foster spoke highly about your skills as a wide receiver and said you guys really went at each other during one-on-one drills. Any thoughts on him or anyone else?

JS: Like I said, the Texas camp had speed. But what I didn't expect to see was great speed. That's where Brandon came in. He showed me tremendous speed and I got a chance to use his speed against him. That's what you do as a wide receiver when you're matched up against a corner with great speed... you know, you use it to your advantage and I was able to do that. Then, Brandon would adjust to what I was doing. So, it was just nice to come to a camp where someone else came ready to compete at the highest level. That's what I came to do and that's what he came to do. The competition between he and I was great and just a lot of fun. We both showed up to play and I think it made us both look really good. We definitely had the coaches' attention. And there was another guy I was very impressed with....

... Jimmy Sutton III Part-2 coming later on Inside Texas.

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