Hamilton focused on the future

The Texas Longhorns inked the nation's #2 recruiting class in November with the signing of a trio of talented wing prospects. The ringleader of the recruiting class is Los Angeles Dominguez forward Jordan Hamilton. The 6-7, 210 pound scorer and rebounder is awaiting a final ruling on his senior playing status, but is already focused on the future.

The Texas Longhorns recruited Los Angeles area star Jordan Hamilton for two years dating back to his sophomore season. When Hamilton announced his decision to attend Texas October 9, Longhorns fans rejoiced knowing one of the premiere wing prospects in the country was going to wear the burnt orange and white.

In November, Hamilton made it official by signing his letter of intent along with Avery Bradley and Shawn Williams. The result of the trio of signatures was the nation's #2 ranked recruiting class that fit the needs of the Longhorn program to a "T".

Since signing with Texas, Hamilton is yet to play a game as a senior after a ruling by the CIF declared Hamilton ineligible to play as a senior, citing Hamilton's enrollment at Dorsey High in 2004. Hamilton and his family are currently awaiting a ruling by the state after an appeal. "It's still in the process of going through the appeal," Hamilton said Friday evening. "I feel like I have a chance with the state appeal. Hopefully, I'll be able to start playing in time for conference (early January)," Hamilton added.

While the future Longhorn and #13 prospect in the 2009 class hasn't been lighting up the scoreboard twice a week, he has been staying in tip-top shape and preparing for the future at Texas in which Hamilton is focused 100%.

"I still get to work out with the team and have gone on a couple of trips with the team. I do everything else other than playing in games. I think this will better me for the future. I'm able to concentrate on other things such as weightlifting and working on parts of my game for college. I'm focused now like I have never been before," Hamilton said.

With the increased free time, Hamilton has been able to watch the Longhorns play this year either live or on replay. The 6-7, 210-pounder says the players look like they are having fun playing as a top 10 team and he sees where he can help the team next year.

"I've been watching a lot of games. They are doing a great job and I think they are a top 10 team. The guys are having fun playing. It's exciting. When I watch the games, I look at everything. I've been studying the sets and defense. I think I can bring scoring. Being a guy that can score, I think that's where I can help. Also bringing the ball up too. I think I can complement all of the guys on the team," Hamilton said.

Despite not knowing if he will play a game in California as a high school senior, there is not a question if Hamilton has played his last game. He recently was informed that he would still be selected to a prestigious all-star game no matter if he plays for Dominguez or not this year.

"Whether I play or not this year, I was told that I'm still going to be in the Jordan All-Star game. I haven't heard on the McDonald's game yet," Hamilton said.

Playing in the 2009 Jordan Brand Classic is something that is a long way away (mid-April), but is very exciting for Hamilton who has goals for the game.

"I'm very excited. It's a long ways from now, but I'm looking forward to showing people that I'm still one of the top players in the country. Guys in these types of games don't play defense. I'm going to play with the same intensity the entire game and defend," Hamilton said.

Hamilton took his SAT in early December and reports that he is doing very well in school.

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