Okafor has Multiple Junior Day Invites

Houston Bellaire is home to one of the top prospect in the junior class. Since his sophomore season, Joe Okafor has been attracting attention from college coaches due in large part to his 6-6, 235-pound frame and ability to run. Okafor has recently received a number of junior day invites, including the Texas Longhorns.

Joseph Okafor burst onto the scene as a sophomore for the Bellaire Cardinals while earning 20-5A second team all district honors on the defensive line. In 2008, Okafor didn't enjoy the type of season he had hoped, but that hasn't stopped college coaches from flocking to the Houston school to make their pitch to the talented prospect.

With the junior day process already underway, it comes without surprise that the 6-6, 235-pound defensive end/tight end has a host of programs inviting him to their school.

"I'm not really concentrating on recruiting right now," Okafor said. "I'm just trying to focus on academics. I don't even open all of my mail anymore. I know that I've had a lot of junior day invites. I expect to be offered by UT, A&M, LSU and Nebraska in February. I've been invited to junior days by all of them. Texas has theirs in February, but I don't know the date. I'm going to try and make it. A&M already had one. I wasn't able to make it," added Okafor.

When it comes to the programs that are recruiting the strong-bodied prospect the hardest, Okafor says he feels like every program is recruiting him the same.

"Probably Oklahoma, LSU, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Texas, Arkansas and A&M are recruiting me the hardest. They are all recruiting me hard and equal," Okafor said.

With offers expected by some of the regional powers shortly, Okafor will be faced with the decision to commit early or take a longer look around. At this point, taking time to look around is the prevailing thought.

"I don't plan to commit to anyone right now. I kind of like all of the schools and want to take my time and look around," Okafor said.

The past two seasons, Okafor has played defensive end, tight end and even some offensive line for the Cardinals. At the next level, Okafor has his eyes set on defensive end and maybe some tight end.

"I want to play defensive end. Arkansas wants me to play offensive tackle, which I don't want to play. Houston wants me as a tight end or defensive end. I wouldn't mind playing a little tight end either," Okafor said.

Okafor is currently playing hoops for the Cardinals, who are 15-4 and one of the more talented teams in the region. Okafor plays a key role for Bellaire as a rebounder and post defender.

"It's going good. I'm probably averaging about six or seven points and eight or nine rebounds per game coming off the bench. We are playing well," Okafor said.

While basketball has been on par with football since his freshman season, a switch to a singular focus on football will begin this spring.

"I'm planning on focusing on football only after this season. Probably after this year, I'll be done with basketball. I plan to play football only as a senior," Okafor said.

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