Recruiting: The Low Down on Jimmy Sutton-Part 2

As promised, <I>Inside Texas</I> picks up where we left off by bringing you part 2 of our update with one the country's top athletes hailing from the state of Florida -- a national recruiting hotbed the Horns were able to tap into with the recruitment of Boca Raton standout Jimmy Sutton. After hearing Sutton assess <B>Brandon Foster's</B> athletic gifts in the June summer camp, he came away equally impressed with the talents of current UT commit <B>Michael Griffin</B> of Austin Bowie.

Inside Texas: In addition to your assessment of Brandon Foster, did anyone else stand out at the Longhorn football camp?

Jimmy Sutton: I was very impressed with Michael Griffin's man-to-man skills. He's got great coverage ability. And he's got great speed. Fast, tall, quick... he's just going to be really good. Honestly, those two guys (Griffin and Foster) were as good as it gets. I didn't match-up against Griffin as often as I did against Brandon Foster, but I can see why the coaching staff is so high on Michael Griffin. He's long and can cover a lot of ground and... he's quick on his breaks. With good coaching he should really do well. His experience at the position isn't as much as some... I think he played running back for his high school team. But his raw ability shines and I definitely think you'll be hearing this guy's name a lot.

IT: Were you able to forge a relationship with anyone at the camp and if so, did that factor into your decision to pull the trigger early?

JS: Yes sir. It most certainly did. I told you before that Coach (Mack) Brown was one of the main reasons, but there were a few reasons I decided to commit to Texas in the summer and those two guys (Griffin and Foster) were just another reason. They're just really great guys. And when I left Texas I knew someone was really going to have to make an impression on me to top playing with those two guys. You know, if I was to go somewhere for four years, those are two of the guys I would like to go to college with and be a part of a football team with. Meeting them at the camp, competing with them, and hangin' out when we ate lunch was really fun.

IT: Let me ask you this: Being from Florida, what made you want to board a jetliner and travel all the way to Texas for a Longhorn camp?

JS: Well, it's like this. I'm from Florida and I didn't feel like the Florida schools were showing me enough attention. Not only that, but I went to the Nike camp in Miami (Florida) and was reported to be one of the top guys at their camp. If you turned out one of the best camp performances of anybody and still had Miami showing no interest in you, would you wait on them? Or would you sit around and wait on the other Florida schools? That's not me. Why wait on them? I'm not going to sit around and wait on one school if I have options. I liked Miami before that Nike camp. After that, I never liked them again. Texas being a great program and stuff, I decided to give them a chance to see me and I wanted the chance to check them out too. That's why I went to Texas.

IT: In your personal evaluation of yourself, how do you think you performed at the Texas camp?

JS: I thought I did pretty good. I came to that camp to make a name for myself. Obviously the coaches really must have liked me or they would have never offered me a scholarship. I'd like to think they did because they thought I was a good receiver. And I'm glad I went because there was something special about that camp. Just something about it. The coaches, the facilities, the way the camp was run, the guys I met. I just had a really good time and that's why I committed.

IT: Great stuff. Having said that, what was the purpose of flying to Oregon to visit Oregon State and to Oklahoma to check out Oklahoma State?

JS: I'm definitely not the type of guy who likes to stay home. I like to see things. Going to see those places weren't about looking for another place to commit to or not being happy with Texas... I mean, I took those trips because I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything, but also because I just wanted to go see some other places.

IT: And the coaches were okay with that?

JS: Yes sir. They have been very nice about everything. They just wanted me to be honest with them and they agreed to be honest with me. And after I would take another trip they wanted me to call them and let them know how everything went. And I think it was good for me and good for them. You know, after seeing those two schools I felt even more firm to Texas. And I told them that. So, they were pretty cool about the whole thing.

IT: I'm almost positive that the coaching staff placed an emphasis on getting you to make your official visit to Texas during "Banquet Weekend." Tell me a little bit about that.

JS: They just really wanted me to come down and hang with the guys to see if I still wanted to come to Texas. And I think when I agreed to come down that weekend they (coaches) felt really good about everything. So, I was glad to do that for them and for myself.

IT: So, what did you think about the banquet?

JS: I thought it was real nice. And pretty impressive. The way they (Texas coaching staff) honored the guys was really nice. And they had us in a really nice indoor spot (Frank Erwin Center).

IT: (Continuing the focus on Roy Williams' decision to bypass millions) What did you think about Roy's decision to sport the Burnt Orange uni for another season?

JS: I thought it was a good thing. And I felt like that was something he did for himself and the team.

IT: What did you guys do after the banquet was over?

JS: Just hung out with a few of the fellas. Mostly, hangin' out with the older guys... just clownin' around and stuff with me, Erick (Jackson), Marcus (Griffin), Michael (Griffin) and Brandon Foster. We were just gettin' rowdy. And Erick's pretty good at rappin' so we were just having a great time. My host was originally B.J. (Johnson) but he had to study up on an exam so Garnett Smith took over. Hung out with Vince Young and talked about playing ball with him and how he felt about playing for Texas. And he was cool about everything, but was ready to get out of that redshirt. Said he couldn't wait for the Spring.

IT: Saturday?

JS: Got up and ate some breakfast and then we went and toured the campus, met with my position coach (Darryl Drake) for an hour and Mack Brown for an hour. Later that night, we actually went out to the club. It was cool. Had a great time. Some nice looking women and quite a few bad-looking ones too. They weren't all perfect-10s (laughing). Next, we went back to Vincent's room. He put in a tape (Recruits in Review 2002) of all of the guys that committed last year, so I got to see Vincent, Selvin, Garnett, Mike Williams, Larry Dibbles and can't remember all of the others, but I can say this much: I'm just glad I'm with them.

IT: What did you like the most about the trip?

JS: I just thought it was cool how we (prospects, current and future Horns) all bonded when we were there. Even when we went out people thought we (2003 prospects and commits) were friends with the guys already on the team. We acted like we had been together all along and weren't recruits. Just stuff like that.

IT: So do you see yourself comfortable with becoming a Longhorn?

JS: Yes sir. It's just where I want to be. It was just the guys, Coach Brown and Coach Drake. Everybody made me feel welcome there. I just know the feeling I got and how good it felt being there. I know that's where I would want to go.

IT: (In an unprecedented attempt to confirm Jimmy's sincerity, as if I really needed to, he passed the phone to his girlfriend for the purpose of having a little fun. And she was a bit hesitant about talking to IT, but we finally made her comfortable enough, hence the leaving no stone unturned when I elected to get her take on the Sutton situation. I know, I'm bad, but he handed the phone to her so why not ask the girlfriend what's up?) Who am I speaking with?

JW: Jessica Wine (Sutton's girlfriend)

IT: What do you think about Jimmy leaving for Texas to play football for the Horns?

JW: I'm very happy that he finally made that decision because that's where he wants to be.

IT: Certainly, you're going to miss him, aren't you?

JW: Oh yeah, he's a ladies man, definitely a ladies man, but I'll try to come up and see him.

IT: So you're okay with his decision?

JW: Whatever he wants to do is what I want him to do. He wants to go to Texas, so that's where I want him to go.

There you have it, Mack and Co. are happy, Jimmy's happy, his girlfriend is happy and the ladies better watch out! Come to think of it, Jimmy better watch out for the ladies or Jessica's going to be one unhappy gal.

Look for even more on Jimmy Sutton in this week's installment of the Inside Texas Inside Scoop.

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