EXCLUSIVE: Quan Cosby Reflects on His Career

Senior Wide Receiver Quan Cosby finished his career at Texas as #2 on the all-time reception list with 212 catches and #3 in receiving yards (2598). Cosby just finished playing in the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL and is currently preparing for the NFL combine. Cosby spoke exclusively with Burnt Orange Beat about his time on the Forty Acres.

Texas Longhorn graduating senior Quan Cosby is preparing for his second tour of duty in professional athletics as he prepares for the NFL draft. Cosby spoke with Burnt Orange Beat about his time at the University of Texas. Part Two of this interview will cover his Senior Bowl experience, his draft preparation, and his thoughts on an NFL career.

Q: You won 45 games, a national championship, were 3-1 against OU, were 4-0 in bowl games. You also leave as #2 on the all-time reception list (212) and #3 in receiving yards (2598). Reflect back on your career at Texas for me.

It was everything as advertised and more. I love the family atmosphere with Coach Brown and Sally. My coaches Kennedy and Davis really were great. The atmosphere at that stadium was tremendous. It was an unbelievable experience.

You saved your best for your last game. You finished with 14 catches for 171 yards and two touchdowns, including the game winner. Tell me about your Fiesta Bowl performance.

The atmosphere in that stadium was great. I can see why the Arizona Cardinals are playing so well there. In my opinion, we played one of the great defenses in the country and came out on top. I like the catches and the yards, but my favorite moment was making the block for Colt's touchdown run. It shows I am a complete player.

Q: Was that game winning TD the highlight of the season for you?

It was awesome. It was a cool picture for sure. I didn't intend it to be front page stuff. I never looked back to see where the defenders were. I just wanted to get to the end zone the quickest way possible. It was an unbelievable game. I am biased, but I think it was the best bowl game of the year.

Cosby Diving for Winning Score in Fiesta Bowl

Q: If there was another play that was your highlight on the season, what would it be?

It would probably be Shipley's near touchdown catch against Oklahoma. I got Lendy Holmes pretty good. I like springing guys. I wish he (Shipley) would have gotten in on that play, but they reviewed it and marked him down at the one.

I also like the acrobatic touchdown catch versus Oklahoma State.

Q: Your recruitment came down to Texas and Oklahoma. Walk me through your final decision making process.

Coach Brown kept his word with me throughout my time in baseball (about having a football scholarship when I decided to leave baseball).

When I came back from baseball in 2005, I looked at Texas, Oklahoma, Baylor and Tennessee, but ultimately I got down to Texas and Oklahoma. At that point, Oklahoma had our number a little bit. Coach Brown acknowledged that and said we are going to change that. I am glad that I was part of changing it. We were 3-1 versus Oklahoma while I was there. Hopefully, they can keep that going. I want to go back to Dallas and keep winning.

Q: You were a senior leader on this incredible 2008 team. Did you expect for this team to have as good a year as it did?

I did (expect it), because I was behind the scenes. I could see all the work the guys were putting in. I saw the intensity of the bowl practices. I saw the work at 7 on 7 practices. I could see the senior leadership. We took a lot of young players under of wings. We were a young team. I told people ‘you guys are going to be surprised. We are going to achieve more than you think.' We still think we were hosed, but I am happy that we were that only South team to win our bowl game. In my eyes, we won the South.

Q: What are your thoughts on next year's team and who do you think will fill the roles of senior leaders?

It will be Shipley and Colt on offense, for sure. And Ulatoski. I think this will be our best offensive line since 2005 with Blalock and Studdard. On defense, Kindle and Muckelroy. Our defensive backs will be good too. They were real young this year but with another season with Coach Muschamp, they will be great. I am excited for the team next year.

Q: Tell me about the Quan Cosby Football website and why you are doing it.

I think it's cool. It is a stage and platform for UT fans to appreciate. They can ask questions being a football fan. I can also talk to younger kids who ask for advice. It is part of giving back.

Note: Cosby has launched his own website and is blogging about his preparation for the draft and expects to continue to blog there during his career.

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