Quan Cosby Preparing for His Pro Future

Senior Wide Receiver Quan Cosby finished his career at Texas as #2 on the all-time reception list with 212 catches and #3 in receiving yards (2598). Cosby just finished playing in the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL and is currently preparing for the NFL combine. Cosby spoke exclusively with Burnt Orange Beat about his future and being a professional athlete again.

Texas Longhorn graduating senior Quan Cosby is preparing for his second tour of duty in professional athletics as he prepares for the NFL draft. Cosby spoke with Burnt Orange Beat about his time at the University of Texas. Part Two of this interview will cover his Senior Bowl experience, his draft preparation, and his thoughts on an NFL career.

Q: Turning to your preparation for the NFL, what do you think the differences are going to be for you between college and pro ball, like moving to the slot from the outside?

I played a little bit of slot and enjoyed it. I strive for consistency. I did that at Texas and I want to do that in the NFL. I try to be consistent on and off the field. At the Senior Bowl we worked on little technical things like counting steps, switching feet depending upon the hash and the route, and running different route combinations. The little things will be the biggest difference.

Q: How do you think your four years in the Anaheim Angel farm system prepared you for life in the NFL?

It was tremendous preparation. For one, it helped me grow up. I am ready to be a pro again. I know the business aspect. I know these teams are investing in me. I am prepared for the interview process. I can handle it because I have done it before. An investment in me is like an investment in 2-3 year veteran.

Q: Walk me through your preparation for the Senior Bowl and give me your schedule for the next several months between now and the combine? Where are you working out? Who are you working out with?

Things were moving pretty fast. I went straight to Dallas to start training a few days after the Fiesta Bowl. I took a few days off to rest my body. I took some good shots in the game. Then I reported to Mobile on January 17 – the game was on January 24. There were something like 1200 scouts, GMs, and owners there. They do some of the tests like the Wonderlic and official heights and weights so you don't have to do that in Indianapolis. I worked hard in the 1 on 1 drills, position drills, and 7 on 7's. We practiced pretty hard for three or four days.

Note: Cosby measured 5-8 ¾ at 191 pounds in Mobile.

My schedule is pretty intense. I am training in Dallas with two trainers. We are doing forty training, endurance, throwing and catching. It is really specific, NFL-caliber training. It is more individual training so I get more individual attention.

I do weight work on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and do running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Q: What are your thoughts on the combine?

It just want to have a great showing in Indianapolis – just want to perform and see what happens. My goals for the year were 1) have a great year for Texas and myself, 2) have a great finish, 3) have a great All-Star performance, and 4) run well at the combine. I can check off the first three. I just want to prepare for the combine now.

Q: Have teams mentioned your age (26) as a potential problem with your draft status?

Actually only one scout, the Miami scout, mentioned it at the Senior Bowl. I thought it would be talked about more since it seemed like every story in Austin was about the ‘Old Man'. It was a breath of fresh air really.

Q: You are a father and a husband in addition to your course work and college ball. How did you manage to juggle all of that?

It was actually pretty easy. I am fortunate with my wife. My wife is amazing. She takes great care of my girls (3 year old and six month old). She understood when I needed to study or leave for practice and games. My extended family was great and very supportive too. They made my load easier.

Q: Some guys are called "winners". You won a football state title in high school and played for another. You won two track state titles. You also won a national championship in college. Do you believe that there something to being a "winner"? How have you achieved so much success in your life?

It's funny you should ask about that. In most of my interviews (at the Senior Bowl with NFL reps), they would ask me about my best attribute. I'd say I am a winner. I talk about doing the little things that it takes to win. I talk about making blocks, making first down catches to keep the chains moving. It is about doing the little things to win. My faith and preparation help me succeed.

Note: Cosby has launched his own website and is blogging about his preparation for the draft and expects to continue to blog there during his career.

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