Recruiting: Pittman's 40 Acres Visit a '10-plus'

Recently banking some of the most esteemed Texas high school preps -- three bluechips (<B>Tony Hills</B>, <B>Tarell Brown</B> and <B>Billy Pittman</B>) ranked 4-star or higher just this past week -- obviously underscores <B>Mack Brown's</B> recruiting prowess. But if there's one position the Texas coach would probably like to lock down another commitment or two, it would have to be at DE.

Sure, there's a few standouts crowding Mack and staff's wish list, yet not one has made a pledge to Texas since Tim Crowder (6-4, 230, 4.6) in late September. Jarvis Moss (6-7, 215, 4.5) and Alonzo Dotson (6-4, 225, 4.6), both Texas kids, make up two-thirds of this well regarded group, while the third, Kirston Pittman, lays his wood in Louisiana country. And though many see Moss as the undisputed heavyweight champion in the DE ranks, with Dotson the state's No. 2 or 3 contender, there may not be a better compliment to Crowder than the voodoo-mad pass-rushing lunatic who played his high school ball for East St. John's Reserve High.

Of course, if Mack Brown had his way, all three would suit up for the Burnt Orange, but he'd likely satisfy his thirst for some much-needed defensive end depth by landing any combination netting him two of the three. To get two, though, you have to start by getting one, hence the importance of Pittman's mid-week visit to Austin this past week.

With an official visit to the Big House (Dec. 13) already in the bag, the trip to Austin was his second and he gave IT his thoughts about both.

"Oh, it was great," Pittman said responding to the question of how his trip to the University of Michigan went. "The campus was great, the players were great... great coaches... great atmosphere. All-around, just a good visit."

About that trip to Texas...

"Awesome," said Pittman as he paused afterwards, perhaps to symbolize how delighted he was for making the trip to The University. And with an attempt to equal the level of excitement of his initial one-word description he followed by saying, "I loved it!"

A comparison is certainly in order as IT threw the 1-10 scale rating system out for the purpose of distinguishing the difference between the two schools to see who officially has the leg up. Reading between the lines is not always that easy.

"Michigan was a 10," said's 56th-rated overall prospect in the US."


Okay, so they're now, both even.

"Texas?" asked Pittman. "10-plus."

No further questions.

Pittman's slated to take his three remaining officials to FSU (Jan. 10), Miami (Jan. 24) and LSU (Jan. 31). He said he fully intends to do just that.

Look for more on Kirston Pittman in this week's Holiday edition of the Inside Texas Inside Scoop.

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