Gerry Hamilton Reporting from Columbus, GA

Wednesday at 1:30pm eastern time Columbus Carver linebacker Jarvis Jones will tell the nation where he will play his college football. Tuesday afternoon at Carver High, the chatter amongst teammates was all over the place on where the four star prospect will end up.

The first national letters of intent will be signed and faxed in just a few hours. In Columbus, GA, one lucky program will land four-star linebacker Jarvis Jones around 1:30pm Eastern Time.

In spending a couple of hours at Carver High this afternoon, it became apparent very quickly that Jones' teammates had their own ideas of which luck program their star teammate would sign tomorrow.

The choices according to most nationally are USC, Texas, Florida and some sparse mention of in-state Georgia along with LSU.

Burnt Orange Beat arrived in Columbus around 3:45pm after a several hour drive from Gainesville High northeast of Atlanta. After locating Carver High and driving back to park by the gymnasium, it was time to go hear the chatter and predictions with Jones' press conference less than 24 hours away.

Walking in the doors, a 6-3, 275 pound impressive looking teammate of Jones sat listening to music and hanging out with a Carver basketball player. No sense in beating around the bush. After asking where head coach Dell McGee could be found, it was time for the first opinion on where Jarvis Jones would play his college football.

"I think it's going to be Florida," said the teammate. "Florida or USC, but he's not telling anyone. He keeping to himself," he added.

That's a first place for Florida and a show for USC if you are counting along.

Next up was time to speak with Carver head coach Dell McGee, who played cornerback at Auburn and was a fifth round draft choice in 1996 by the Cardinals. McGee, who has enjoyed tremendous success including a 15-0 season in 2007 and the AAA state title, said whichever lucky program lands Jones will get a quality person and player.

"Jarvis is a great kid first off," McGee said. "His athletic ability is an obvious reason a lot of schools like him, but off the field, his character and makeup stand alone from the rest. He's personable and gets along with everyone. He's really going to be an asset to whatever school he goes to," added McGee.

A big time talent and an ever better young man were the things said about Jones by everyone asked Tuesday afternoon at Carver. Well, on to the next opinion on the hat or shirt or announcement method of Jones' choice on Wednesday and the timing couldn't have been better with track practice ending and players leaving the weight room.

The next opinion from a teammate was very similar to the first.

"I think he's going to Florida, Georgia or LSU. He's playing tricks on us though," said another teammate.

That would make Florida the leader in the opinion clubhouse. Time for a third opinion just seconds later.

"He isn't really saying, but I think it's Florida, Georgia or USC," said a third teammate.

In speaking with a couple more teammates a few minutes later, the schools mentioned were the same, Florida, USC, Georgia and LSU.

One thing that was quite clear in my two hours at Carver High was that Florida is the hot school amongst teammates and that is without question. One gets the sense that his teammates are hoping for the Gators more than predicting the National Champions. They said Jones isn't letting the cat out of the bag and they don't know for whom he will announce.

Should Jones pick Texas in a few hours in front of hundreds of fans and teammates, it would definitely send a shock wave through Carver High.

Burnt Orange Beat's Gerry Hamilton will be at Carver High School in the morning and throughout the day for all of the action on Signing Day.

All is quiet at Carver for now

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