Recruiting: Mid-January Decision For Killebrew

<B>Robert Killebrew</B>, the nation's 44th-ranked overall prospect, took a weekend official to OU a couple of days ago and <I>IT</I> wanted to touch base with the 4-star blue-chip standout. In addition to sharing a few things about his trip to Norman, Killebrew made a couple changes with regard to who is still a player as he hits the stretch run of his recruitment.

As for the trip to Oklahoma, Robert Killebrew said, "I had a pretty good time. Wasn't a whole lot of people there, you know, everybody was out and about either Christmas shopping or at home with their families, but I got a little more one-on-one with the coaching staff."

"I talked to Coach Venables and Bob Stoops," said Killebrew when asked what coaches he talked to and what they had to say. "Basically, we just talked about how I fit in their scheme."

The Oklahoma coaching staff has a few flamboyant types and Killebrew might have found something with Stoops and Venables he could relate to.

"Coach Venables is very energetic," Killebrew said. "And you can tell that he loves what he does. Bob Stoops is kind of the opposite. He's very laid back. And he knows what he wants to get accomplished."

Focusing more on your visit, Tyrell Gatewood said you guys went to some WWF spectacle and...

"Yeah, it was kind of different," said the 6-1, 210-pound linebacker.

WWF? Was it fun?

"Ahhh... it wasn't so bad. It was actually better than I expected it to be," said Killebrew with absolutely no shame in his game. "We did get to go backstage to meet the wrestlers and that part was a little neat."

And you can credit some of the acrobatic giants for having played college and/or professional football before turning into stuntmen. Did the Bearkat defensive end form Spring meet any one of note?

"Well, one of them had played a little DT, but can't remember who he was now... but when you look at those guys and how big they are, there's probably a lot who have," said Killebrew.

Pleading his case, Killebrew added, "It was actually entertaining, I had a good time."

As for where he's at in the recruiting game, Killebrew said, "Well, you can go ahead and eliminate Arkansas. After seeing UCLA, Texas and OU, I'll take the trip to Florida (Jan. 10) and will consider all four of those schools.

Killebrew recently told IT he had had eliminated UCLA but said he's now listing them again. "Yeah, they have stayed in contact with me and I'd rather not rule them out right now," said the Texas prep who owns a 39-inch vertical. "They had their interim manager staying in contact and looks like they've found a new head coach. So yeah, UCLA is back in the mix."

UCLA recently hired Kirk Dorrell (Denver Bronco wide receiver's coach) -- who played wideout for the Bruins when he was in college 15-18 years ago -- and he will try to repair the recruiting damage done after Bob Toledo was sent looking for another assignment. That the state's top linebacker has thrown UCLA back into the picture is certainly intriguing.

"Well, I should know where I stand after the Florida trip," Killebrew said. "And expect me to know something by the14th or 15th of January. That'll give me a few days to think it over and should be enough time for me to make my decision. No need in dragging it out."

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