Corey Nelson Talks Recruiting

One of the top prospects in Texas is Dallas Skyline outside linebacker Corey Nelson. The 6-0, 205 pound attacking linebacker has more than 20 offers to date with Miami (FL) being the latest. On Wednesday, Burnt Orange Beat spent some time at Skyline to get the latest directly from Corey on recruiting, his offers, his timetable, and his future plans.

There aren't many prospects in the country that have the number of offers as Dallas Skyline junior linebacker Corey Nelson. With offers from the likes of Oklahoma, LSU, Texas A&M, Texas, Miami (Fl), Texas Tech, Oregon, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Stanford, California and Baylor among many others, the recruiting process can be overwhelming.

For Nelson, it's been a great experience helped by his maturity and understanding of how the process works. On Wednesday after Skyline concluded their offseason workout featuring a number of sprints up hills, a winded and tired Nelson took the time to speak with Burnt Orange Beat about the recruiting process, his future plans, coaches that he has bonded with and a timetable for making a decision.

Q: Can you compare the Oklahoma and Texas junior days?

A: Both of them were great. They caught my eye a lot as far as the coaches, the atmosphere and being able to be around the players. Both were great to go to and I feel like both are equal as far as my interest.

Q: What is next? What other junior day plans do you have in place and word is you will likely take a trip to Stanford?

A: Most likely, I'm going to LSU and Texas Tech in April. Both of those are junior days I want to check out. Maybe Baylor too. Their coaches really want me to come down and check them out. I do plan to go out to Stanford on an official visit and check them out.

Q: At this point, do you have a top five or top seven or top ten?

A: So far, all of the schools that have offered me, I'm still interested in. I can tell you for sure I'll probably have my options narrowed down in the spring or early summer.

Q: Have any programs talked about playing inside linebacker or is all the talk about outside linebacker?

A: Only two teams have talked about inside linebacker. They are Texas and Oklahoma. They said I could play inside or outside depending on when I get the weight on me. Those are the two schools that talked about that. Everybody else is outside linebacker.

Q: How heavily does scheme play into your eventual decision?

A: It doesn't. It's more coaches and academics. I feel like I can play anywhere in a 4-3 or 3-4 or regardless of a scheme a school plays.

Q: Where do you feel like you need to improve in the spring and your senior year?

A: The first thing I need to improve on is in coverage. I need to be able to cover better, drop better and have better technique. Really, keep getting my technique better everywhere. I would like to get a little faster too.

Q: What are your thoughts on the junior day process so far and the recruiting process in general? A: I feel like it's been great. So far, the process has gone outstanding compared to what I thought it would be. The coaches have treated me outstanding. I'm just thankful to be able to go to all of these junior days and have the interest from schools.

Q: Have there been any coaches that you feel like you have bonded with more than others?

A: Being able to talk to different coaches about football, academics and life, I really like Coach McMillan and Coach Sherman at A&M. They make me feel more at home and I've been able to talk to them more. Also, OU's Coach Venables has been outstanding to talk to. Coach Chambers at Texas has been good to talk with. All of those coaches, the four of them, have been outstanding to talk to.

Q: What do you see as the determining factors for you when it is time to sit down and a make decision?

A: First, it would be academics and seeing if a school is a place I can be at for four years. Second is the coaches and being able to get along with the players. I want to major in engineering or journalism, so that's very important. Those are the things I'm looking at with schools.

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