Matthews Gives Texas High Marks

One of the top junior prospects that the Texas Longhorns hosted in the month of February was Elkins offensive lineman Jake Matthews. The 6-4, 277-pound junior tackle made his way to Austin with his father, Bruce, on February 27 to take in the University of Texas. On Monday at Elkins, Burnt Orange Beat had the chance to speak with the nationally recruited prospect about his recent visit to Texas.

One of the key visitors during the weekend of the second junior day for the Texas Longhorns was Elkins offensive tackle Jake Matthews. The 6-4, 277-pound National 100 prospect has risen to the top of many recruiting boards from coast to coast and that includes Texas' board.

On Friday, February 27, the Longhorns received their chance to host one of the state's best and Matthews came away impressed.

"It was nice," Matthews said. "I liked it a lot. They had a bunch of stuff planned out for me. It wasn't just all about football. They had academic teachers to talk to and meetings. I just got a feel for the university and campus. I was really excited about the visit. I thought it was cool and it would be a great opportunity. They are definitely in my top choices. They are going to do well if I go there. I know that for sure. It's just whether I'm comfortable enough to go there."

Matthews said one area that stood out was meeting the players and getting a feel for the team and the atmosphere.

"They (the players) love it. All of the guys love being there and work hard. I talked to a few of the offensive lineman and they seem like great guys. It's a really close team and like a family the way that they want it to be," added Matthews.

In the practice setting, the two-year starter for the Knights said he focuses on the drills, the style of coaching and the attitude of the players.

"I'm looking for what the drills are and what they are like. What's the coach like? Is he going to be yelling the whole time or not. What's the attitude is like around the team as well. If it's somewhere really quiet and the players aren't into it, no one wants to go to a place like that. It all plays into it," Matthews said.

The junior with more than 20 offers was accompanied on the trip by has father, NFL Hall of Fame lineman Bruce Matthews. Matthews said his father thinks all of the schools are great that his son is considering.

"He tells me they are all great, which they really are. All of the universities are great schools. I don't feel like I can go wrong," Matthews said.

With offers from coast to coast, the visit to Austin won't be the last for the talented junior. With Fort Bend ISD on spring break next week, there is the possibility that Matthews will take a trip out of state.

"I'm thinking about going to Oklahoma during spring break. We are still trying to plan that. Then, sometime in the spring I'll go to A&M for a practice. I want to watch their practice. I might go to USC, but I'm still planning everything out," Matthews said.

With as many options nationally as a prospect could hope for, it's not likely that a decision will be made in short order.

"I have no idea when I'll decide. I kind of just want to pick one and get it over with. It's awesome and everything, but it's getting hectic. Florida offered me and I'm thinking about them too. Maybe LSU. It all depends on how things work out," Matthews said.

At this point, Texas, USC, Texas A&M and Oklahoma are the top four for the talented and quickly physically developing prospect.

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