East Regional Breakdown

The Texas Longhorns open up the NCAA tournament Thursday night against the #10 seed Minnesota Golden Gophers. Burnt Orange Beat posts all the vitals you need to know about the region including the dates, times, and locations of all of the first round games and the tournament resume of all sixteen teams in the region.

Thursday Games:

7 Texas vs. 10 Minnesota
Thursday, 7:10 Eastern
Greensboro, NC

Texas Resume:
22-11, Big 12 at large
SOS: 36th
RPI: 41st
Pomroy Ranking: 28th
Top Scorer: A.J. Abrams 16.3
Top Rebounder: Damion James 9.2
Top Assister: Justin Mason 4.2

Minnesota Resume:
22-10, Big Ten at large
SOS: 35th
RPI: 42nd
Pomroy Ranking: 45th
Top Scorer: Lawrence Westbrook 12.4
Top Rebounder: Paul Carter 4.4
Top Assister: Al Nolen 4.3

3 Villanova vs. 14 American University
Thursday, 7:20 Eastern
Philadelphia, PA

Villanova Resume:
26-7, Big East at large
SOS: 31st
RPI: 13th
Pomroy Ranking: 19th
Top Scorer: Dante Cunningham 16.0
Top Rebounder: Dante Cunningham 7.2
Top Assister: Scottie Reynolds 3.6

American University Resume:
24-7, Patriot League champion
SOS: 73rd
RPI: 242nd
Pomroy Ranking: 109th
Top Scorer: Garrison Carr 17.8
Top Rebounder: Brian Gilmore 5.4
Top Assister: Derrick Mercer 4.4

2 Duke vs. 15 Binghamton
Thursday, 9:40 Eastern
Greensboro, NC

Duke Resume:
28-6, ACC Tournament Champion
SOS: 1
RPI: 1
Pomroy Ranking: 7th
Top Scorer: Kyle Singler 16.7
Top Rebounder: Kyle Singler 7.7
Top Assister: Jon Scheyer 2.8

Binghamton Resume:
23-8, American East champion
SOS: 238th
RPI: 88th
Pomroy Ranking: 162nd
Top Scorer: D.J. Rivera 20.0
Top Rebounder: Reggie Fuller 7.1
Top Assister: Emanuel Mayben 4.6

6 UCLA vs. 11 Virginia Commonwealth
Thursday, 9:50 Eastern
Philadelphia, PA

UCLA Resume:
25-8, Pac 10 at large
SOS: 61st
RPI: 33rd
Pomroy Ranking: 9th
Top Scorer: Darren Collison 14.5
Top Rebounder: Alfred Aboya 6.2
Top Assister: Darren Collison 4.9

VCU Resume:
24-9, Colonial Athletic Conference champion
SOS: 118th
RPI: 50th
Pomroy Ranking: 55th
Top Scorer: Eric Maynor 22.4
Top Rebounder: Larry Sanders 8.5
Top Assister: Eric Maynor 6.2

Friday Games:

8 Oklahoma State vs. 9 Tennessee
Friday, 12:25 Eastern
Dayton, OH

Oklahoma State Resume:
22-11, Big 12 at large
SOS: 5th
RPI: 19th
Pomroy Ranking: 33rd
Top Scorers: James Anderson 18.6
Top Rebounder: Obi Muonelo 7.3
Top Assister: Byron Eaton 5.5

Tennessee Resume:
21-12, SEC at large
SOS: 3rd
RPI: 25th
Pomroy Ranking: 32nd
Top Scorer: Tyler Smith 17.2
Top Rebounder: Wayne Chism 8.1
Top Assister: Tyler Smith 3.4

1 Pittsburgh vs. 16 East Tennessee State
Friday, 2:55 Eastern
Dayton, OH

Pittsburgh Resume:
28-4, Big East at large
SOS: 8th
RPI: 2nd
Pomroy Ranking: 6th
Top Scorer: Sam Young 18.7
Top Rebounder: DeJuan Blair 12.2
Top Assister: Levance Fields 7.6

East Tennessee State Resume:
23-10, Atlantic Sun champion
SOS: 249th
RPI: 116th
Pomroy Ranking: 113
Top Scorer: Kevin Tiggs 21.5
Top Rebounder: Mike Smith 7.7
Top Assister: Courtney Pigram 4.2

4 Xavier vs. 13 Portland State
Friday, 7:25 Eastern
Boise, ID

Xavier Resume:
25-7, Atlantic 10 at large
SOS: 47th
RPI: 17th
Pomroy Ranking: 24th
Top Scorer: B.J. Raymond 14.1
Top Rebounder: Derrick Brown 6.1
Top Assister: Dante Jackson 2.8

Portland State Resume:
23-9, Big Sky champion
SOS: 277th
RPI: 113th
Pomroy Ranking: 117th
Top Scorer: Jeremiah Dominguez 12.9
Top Rebounder: Jamie Jones 5.3
Top Assister: Jeremiah Dominguez 3.2

5 Florida State vs. 12 Wisconsin
Friday, 9:55 Eastern
Boise, ID

Florida State Resume:
25-9, ACC at large
SOS: 17th
RPI: 15th
Pomroy Ranking: 35
Top Scorer: Toney Douglas 21.1
Top Rebounder: Solomon Alabi 5.7
Top Assister: Toney Douglas 2.4

Wisconsin Resume:
19-12, Big Ten at large
SOS: 16th
RPI: 45th
Pomroy Ranking: 30
Top Scorer: Marcus Landry 12.6
Top Rebounder: Joe Krabbenhoft 6.8
Top Assister: Trevon Hughes 2.9

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