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Longhorn media links for Thursday, Jan. 2:

Austin American-Statesman: Jinx? What jinx?

Austin American-Statesman: Texas ends game and season with a flash

Austin American-Statesman: Senior year for Williams a godsend for Longhorns

Austin American-Statesman: Simms answers his doubters in final game at Cotton Bowl

Austin American-Statesman: Longhorns report: Redding, Jackson change the game

Austin American-Statesman: Longhorn notes

Austin American-Statesman: Tigers report: Inability to cash in on opportunities costs LSU

Austin American-Statesman: Women's hoops: Texas women's preview

Dallas Morning News: Blowing Bayou: Texas storms past LSU, 35-20

Dallas Morning News: Simms ends Dallas doldrums

Dallas Morning News: Simms doesn't need Mack to go to mike

Dallas Morning News: Roy Williams2 ... Catch on, Cowboys

Dallas Morning News: Tigers QB runs a fade route

Dallas Morning News: Cotton Bowl notebook

Dallas Morning News: Cotton Bowl: Five key plays of the game

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Cotton Dandy

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Feel-good win not worth glorifying

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: UT's Simms able to smile at last in Dallas

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: TEXAS NOTES

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: LSU QB fades after hot start

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: LSU NOTES

Houston Chronicle: Big plays by Williams propel Texas past LSU

Houston Chronicle: Roy, oh Roy! Return of receiver bodes well

Houston Chronicle: LSU flubs chances early, comes apart late

Houston Chronicle: Cotton bowl summary

San Antonio Express-News: Williams rips Tigers' befuddled defenders

San Antonio Express-News: Buck Harvey: After Texas, what can bother Simms?

San Antonio Express-News: UCLA may be courting Akina

Daily Texan: UT wins Cotton Bowl 35 - 20

Baton Rouge Advocate: Longhorns don't blink

Baton Rouge Advocate: Scott Rabalais: Tigers good, but not enough

Baton Rouge Advocate: Clayton puts in overtime in Dallas

Baton Rouge Advocate: Opportunities lost for LSU

Baton Rouge Advocate: Horns off the Hook

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