Angleton's Diggs Bleeds Orange

One of the top sophomores in the state has deep Longhorn roots. Angleton jack-of-all-trades Quandre Diggs is the younger brother of former Angleton and Texas star Quentin Jammer and like his brother, bleeds orange. Burnt Orange Beat spoke with Diggs this week and files this report and photo gallery.

Quandre Diggs burst onto the Houston area football scene as a freshman starting at quarterback and safety for the Angleton Wildcats from day one. The 5-9, 184-pound powerfully built prospect threw for 331 yards and eight touchdowns, rushed for 324 yards and picked off two passes earning 23-4A second team honors.

After a 3-7 season in 2007, Diggs had lofty personal and team goals headed into his sophomore season and the multi-talented player didn't disappoint anyone that attended an Angleton game on Friday nights.

Playing quarterback, safety and returning kicks, Diggs did it all as a sophomore rushing for 1,603 yards and 27 touchdowns with nine touchdowns of 50 yards or more, 447 yards passing, two kickoff returns of 80 yards or more for scores and more than 70 tackles from his safety position.

While the 9-4 season was a success for the Angleton program advancing to the regional semifinals, Diggs walked off the field after losing to Beaumont Central 35-34 with a bitter taste in his mouth.

"We left with a real bitter taste in our mouth," said Diggs. "We were trying to get to state and we made some little mental mistakes, but we are going to bounce back this year. We've got a good returning squad."

With the regional track meet and spring practice right around the corner, the younger brother of the San Diego Chargers corner says he is focused on improving and will get a chance to work with his brother for three weeks this summer to better his chances.

"Track season is going real good. We actually have the second fastest time in the 4x100 in the state with a 41.5. We start spring training on Monday. I'll be at quarterback and safety. Safety is where I'm be recruited to play," Diggs said.

The quick and physical sophomore went on to add, "I want to improve my leadership this spring. I feel like I really need to work on my leadership because everybody looks to see what I do. I'm just going to work out as hard as I can the rest of the school year. I think I'm going to go work out with my brother in San Diego for like three weeks too and then come back and work out with the team the last part of the summer and get ready for the season."

Even though Diggs is just a sophomore, he is already being recruited by a number of programs both regionally and nationally.

"I'm being recruited by pretty much all of the Texas schools, Florida, Purdue and UCLA. I'm going to the Nike Camp May 9 and then Henry Josey and I will go to the Texas one day camp in June," Diggs said.

In the past, Diggs hasn't been shy about saying the Longhorns are his favorite and have been his entire life. The two-sport start said again on Tuesday at the 24-4A district track meet that the Longhorns are the clear-cut favorite.

"I bleed orange with my brother (Jammer), so they are the clear #1 for me. I mean, I love Texas, but I still want to look around too," Diggs said.

The Diggs File

vs. Dickinson (L) 1-5-0-7, 8-103 2 TD (3, 83), 7 tackles
vs. Brazoswood (L) 2-6-0-19, 8-70, 8 tackles
vs. Waller (W) 6-9-1-93, 3-127 2 TD (55, 60), 4 tackles, 1 fumble recovery
vs. LaMarque (W) 2-5-0-1, 14-93, 5 tackles
vs. Friendswood (W) 19-175 2 TD, 88-yard KOR TD, 6 tackles, 1 INT, 1 fumble recovery
vs. Dawson (L) 3-7-1-44, 12-86 1 TD (21)
vs. Brazosport (W) 4-4-0-52, 6-114 3 TD (2, 59, 32), 99-yard TD catch, 7 tackles
vs. Texas City (W) 1-4-0-7, 16-129 2 TD (1, 48)
vs. Santa Fe (W) 3-7-0-39 1 TD, 12-112 2 TD (31, 37), 80-yard KOR TD
vs. Manvel (W) 1-4-0-16, 8-93 2 TD (16, 2)
vs. Foster (W) 4-5-0-31, 22-320 5 TD (70, 70, 48, 46, 63)
vs. Davis (W) 5-8-1-118 1 TD, 6-74 2 TD (1, 54)
vs. Beaumont Central (L) 2-8-2-20, 23-107 4 TD (27, 10, 1, 2)

Season totals: 34-72-5-447 2 TD (passing), 157-1,603 27 TD's (rushing)

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