Hoops photo gallery - Mt. St. Mary's

Exclusive Mount St. Mary's game photos from IT photographer Will Gallagher:

Brad Buckman goes up for two of his 11 points for the game. Buckman registered his first career double double by also pulling down 13 rebounds. (PHOTO by Will Gallagher/IT)

T.J. Ford rises above the crowd on this layup attempt. Ford had a tough afternoon, going 2-10 from the field. Ford did lead all players with a game-high 5 assists. (PHOTO by Will Gallagher/IT)

Royal Ivey heads up the floor after forcing a Mt. St. Mary's turnover in the second half. Ivey also had 9 points on the afternoon. (PHOTO by Will Gallagher/IT)

Ivey picks Donte Alexander's pocket in the second half. Texas turned up their defense a couple of notches to blow open a close game and pull away with an easy victory. (PHOTO by Will Gallagher/IT)

Jason Klotz tries to get a hook shot to go down in the first half. Klotz was 0-5 from the field, but he was not alone as Texas shot just 37% as a team from the field. (PHOTO by Will Gallagher/IT)

James Thomas gets two of his 8 points on the afternoon. Thomas simply dominated the boards, pulling down 16 to lead all players. (PHOTO by Will Gallagher/IT)

Thomas dives for a loose ball and then calls a time out. Texas won most of the hussle battles in the second half of the game on Sunday. (PHOTO by Will Gallagher/IT)

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