Best Longhorn First Round Selections

Most Longhorn fans know that every NFL draft for the last 71 years has produced a selection from the Forty Acres, and forty first round selections. Brian Orakpo figures to be #41 on Saturday so Burnt Orange Beat has selected the top Longhorn selected at each draft slot in the first round.

The Texas Longhorns have had 40 first round selections for #5 all-time. The top selection by draft slot is:

#1 – Earl Campbell

Tommy Nobis certainly has a claim to the spot as both Longhorns earned five Pro Bowl appearances in their career, but Campbell is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and won a Heisman, while Nobis, incredulously, is not in the Hall. Kenneth Sims was the third Longhorn selected #1 overall.

#2 – Leonard Davis

Although considered by many to be a bust in his career in Arizona, Davis is entering his ninth season in the league in Dallas. Johnny "Lam" Jones played seven seasons for the NY Jets, but had only 13 career receiving touchdowns.

#3 – Bobby Layne

Layne played 15 seasons for four teams while earning five Pro Bowls in the NFL. Jerry Sisemore played thirteen seasons for the Philadelphia Eagles. Vince Young was also selected with the #3 pick overall by the Tennessee Titans.

#4 – Scott Appleton

Scott Appleton, who played just five seasons in the AFL, takes the spot over Cedric Benson and Mike Williams.

#5 – Ricky Williams

Ten seasons later, Ricky Williams is still playing in the NFL despite a retirement after being traded from the Saints to the Dolphins. Williams did win an NFL MVP in 2003. Other candidates include Quentin Jammer (seven year veteran who is still playing), Bryant Westbrook (7 years in NFL), and Hub Bechtol.

#6 – Orban "Spec" Sanders

Sanders played four seasons for the New York Yankees on offense, defense, and special teams (he returned kicks and punts and also punted), after serving in the war for four seasons. In 1946, he scored touchdowns rushing, receiving, on a punt return, on a kickoff return, and on an interception return. Mossy Cade was also a #6 overall selection.

#7 – Roy Williams

Williams has a Pro Bowl year under his belt, over 4000 receiving yards and 30 touchdowns. Michael Huff is the other #7 selection overall.

#8 – No Longhorns drafted in this slot

#9 – Stanley Richard - only selection

#10 – Max Bumgardner

The #10 spot is clearly the least productive draft slot with options. Bumgardner played one season in the NFL and earned two starts. Tom Stolhandske played one season with no starts, and Menan Schriewer played in the Canadian Football League.

#11 – Bud McFadin

McFadin played fourteen years for three teams and was in the Pro Bowl five times. Russell Erxleben and Dick Harris are the other two options at 11.

#12 – No Longhorns drafted in this slot

#13 – Harley Sewell

Sewell was a four-time Pro Bowler in eleven seasons. Eric Metcalf was also selected at 13. #14 – No Longhorns drafted in this slot

#15 – Derrick Johnson - only selection

#16 – Raymond Clayborn - only selection

#17 – Johnnie Johnson - only selection

#18 – No Longhorns drafted in this slot

#19 – Casey Hampton

Hampton is still playing in the NFL and is a four-time Pro Bowler and two-time Super Bowl champion. Michael griffin was also selected at 19.

#20 – Aaron Ross - only selection

#21 – Jerry Gray

Gray was a four-time Pro Bowler and a league MVP. Bob McCay was also selected in the 21st slot.

#22 – Stan Thomas - only selection

#23 – Marcus Tubbs - only selection

#24 – Derrick Hatchett - only selection

#25, 26, 27, & 28 – No Longhorns drafted in these slots

#29 – Blake Brockermeyer - only selection

#30, 31, & 32 – No Longhorns drafted in these slots

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