U.S. Army Game Report: Tarell Brown

<I>Inside Texas</I> caught up with Longhorn commit <B>Tarell Brown</B> Saturday afternoon (Jan. 4) during the Skills Competition &amp; U.S. Army Interactive to get his thoughts about the weekend festivities and interaction with his fellow Army All-Americans.

"Well, in high school you really didn't get to match-up with players possessing your speed and your abilities," said the state's top cover corner. "And this was the first time that you really get to see where you're at. When you have the best going up against the best and you match speed against speed, you bring out the best in our abilities. Players can really shine."

Of course, the 2003 U.S. Army All-American Bowl Game Week Activities were held in San Antonio and Brown commented on that as well.

"It's alright," Brown said. "Nothin' like Dallas."

As for who the North Mesquite standout hung out with the most, Brown said, "Whitney Lewis. That's my boy right there (pointing to the shy California wideout)."

Does Texas have a chance of landing Lewis?

"It'll be hard," said the starting cornerback for the West All-American team. "He really likes USC, Miami and FSU. I've been trying to tell him that he needs to come to Texas so we could hang out, but really haven't been trying to force it on him too much. Mostly have been trying to figure out where his head is at. You know, just so I could give him some good advice."

According to Brown, he knew he would come in and compete at a high level against the nation's best. "I knew I could come in and hang with them. I feel that I'm No. 1 and I'll show that in the All-American game tomorrow."

During the Army All-American game, the speedster did not disappoint. After getting beat early in the game, Brown proved to be a corner with a short memory, which is imperative for maintaining confidence and stellar DB play if you are in fact one of the great corners. Never losing his edge and aggressiveness, the 5-star bluechip literally shut his opponent down for the remainder of the game while Lewisville's Tony Cade, San Antonio Roosevelt's Len Roundtree and Vista (CA) High's Leon Hall did not fare nearly as well. The backpedal and fluidity he showed when turning his hips to run with the wide receiver are just a couple of things you look for when evaluating whether a DB has "it". Couple that with his impressive closing speed and it's obvious that Tarell Brown indeed does have "it".

We'll have some more on TheInsiders.com's nationally No. 2 ranked corner later this week with a post-game interview and some thoughts on the guys he matched up against in practices.

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