U.S. Army Game Report: Cali WRs Lewis and Smith

Two of the more highly touted wide receivers that have included the Horns in their top five are California guys <B>Steve Smith</b> (6-1, 175) of Woodland Hills and <B>Whitney Lewis</b> (6-0, 215) of Ventura. Both were in San Antonio as members of the West Army All-American team. <I>Inside Texas</i> was able to catch up with them for a brief moment to get their takes on exactly where the Longhorn Nation officially stands at this point of their recruitment.

Of course, it's been rumored that Mack Brown and Co. were all but out of contention with the two out-of-state prospects and IT wanted to bring some closure to the situation if at all possible.

Asked if IT could officially close the Texas chapter of the Lewis sweepstakes, the St. Bonaventure prep said, "No, I'm still considering the Longhorns."

Could a weekend visit to Austin still be in the works?

"I have no clue," said Lewis.

IT reminded the 5-star bluechip about the limited time available to make a trip to the Forty Acres as time before Signing Day is quickly evaporating.

"Well, it doesn't really matter if I go and see them up close or not because I already know enough about them," Lewis said.

Without an official visit to UT -- where Mack would obviously be Texas' best shot in landing the Cali wideout -- you can almost close the book, but Lewis maintained the Horns are still in it.

Lewis went on to say that he was having a lot of fun in San Antonio and had met a lot of good people. Hanging mostly with Tarell Brown, the physical/athletic specimen with speed to burn said Brown was working him over pretty hard, but in a good way, and that their talks had been more about how good of a school UT is and "basically how our high school teams performed our senior year."

Asked who the top corner was on the Western All-American Team, Lewis said without a moment's pause, "Tarell Brown."

IT was only able to briefly catch Taft high school senior Steve Smith.

Asked if the Horns were still in the picture, the West All-American starting flanker said, "Yeah, they're still in it."

When reminded that the reports circulating around the different news services had USC as the team to beat, Tennessee with an outside shot and the Horns pretty much out of contention, Smith remained stoic about Texas' chances.

Make no mistake about it, though, Texas is last with both USC and Tennessee comfortably ahead.

After careful wording on IT's part as we posed the question looking for official closure on the situation, Smith finally said, "You can definitely put USC and Tennessee ahead of Texas."

Sometimes these recruits just have trouble eliminating someone from contention even when it is painstakingly clear.

With Lendale White and Reggie Bush pledging their services to the Trojans over the weekend, the addition of Whitney Lewis and Steve Smith would certainly be huge as Pete Carroll looks to capitalize on the recent fortunes of his rising program.

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